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Nordic HCT Conference 2023

Online and Conference room Pascal at Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg

The conference reported on the latest developments in research, experiences from tests, and implementation related to High Capacity Transport (HCT) in the Nordic region. We also did international outlooks as so much is happening in the rest of Europe. 

You can now take part of the conference in retrospect either via the recorded version of the conference or by viewing the presenter's PowerPoint slides on this site. 

Arranged by: 

The presenters PowerPoint slides

The Nordic HCT conference 2023 reported on the latest developments in research, experiences from tests and implementation in the Nordic region. International outlooks was also done.

Full list of presentations: 

  • Assessing the feasibility of a GB trial of HCT Iain Knight, Apollo vehicle safety
  • Ongoing review of Weights and Dimensions Directive (96/53/EC) (Weights and dimensions) Otto Lahti, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency
  • The strategic value with HCT, insights from Netherlands Dirk-Jan de Bruijn, Rijkswaterstaat
  • What is happening within HCT in each Nordic country Elin Norby, Norwegian Road Authority, Martin Frimann Mortensen, Danish Road Directorate, Vesa Männistö, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and Kenneth Natanaelsson, Swedish Road Administration
  • Session 1 - New regulations for longer vehicles Elin Norby, Norwegian Road Authorit
  • Regulations for 34,5 m vehicles in Sweden Omar Bagdadi, Swedish Road Agency
  • Requirements for 34,5 m roads in Sweden Kenny Dolleris, Swedish Road Administration
  • New regulation for 32,5 m EMS2 vehicles  in Denmark Stefan Baik Dyrberg, Danish Road Traffic Authority
  • Session 2 - HCT and traffic safety Martin Frimann Mortensen, Danish Road Directorate
  • Accident involvement of truck combinations up to 25.25 m and studies of longer HCT and cyclist safety Jesper Sandin, VTI
  • Impact of increasing truck length and weight - Finnish experiences Otto Lahti, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency
  • Session 3 - Electrification of heavy vehicles Daniel Moback, CLOSER
  • ZEFES-project, Zero Emission, flexible vehicle platforms serving the long-haul Freight EcoSystemBen Kraaijenhagen, VUB 
  • New AFIR-regulation for Charging infrastructure Magnus Lindgren, Trafikverket
  • The First e-trailer in commercial use in Scandinavia Otto Lahti, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Juuso Laine, VAK, Mika Jukkara, Scania and Alf Nyblom, Ahola Transport
  • Volvos plans for electrified HCT-combination Jonas Odermalm, Volvo Group
  • Scanias experiences from electrified HCT-combinations Jessica Björkqvist, Scania


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Fotografi på man i skjorta, leer och har en röd industriell bakgrund.

Thomas Asp

Project manager
HCT - High CapacityTransport
33,5 meter lång lastbil utanför falköping

High Capacity Transport (HCT)

An increased use of HCT vehicles would increase energy efficiency and thereby reduce CO2 emissions and increase the capacity of the infrastructure system. CLOSER is responsible for an R&D program...

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Foto från Umeå hamn

Seminar: Challenges for Ports and Shipping in the Transition to Fossil-Free Operations

At the seminar, we will explore the future possibilities for sustainable fuels in shipping and ports...
Lastbilar vid en laddplats.

Workshop: New services attributed to electrified logistics

Electrification is building traction in the transport sector and during this workshop we will focus...

Result presentation on the effects of the Industy Agreement for fossil-free deliverie

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Demo: Geofencing for Increased Traffic Safety in Enköping

During the spring, a large-scale pilot will be implemented in central Enköping where over a hundred...
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GeoSence result conference: How do we test Geofencing in European cities today?

We will present lessons learned from our use cases and take you through our developed guide, filled...
Gothenburg, Sweden
BUSS på landsväg, omges av åkrar en strålande sommardag

Nordic HCT conference 2024

Invitation to the Nordic HCT Conference 2024 The Nordic HCT conference 2024 will be on October 9...



Johan Löfvenholm appointed new CEO of Lindholmen Science Park

The board of Lindholmen Science Park AB has appointed Johan Löfvenholm as the new CEO of the company. With extensive experience in the automotive industry, he will begin his new role in August...

Global conference on e-mobility, EVS38, to be held in Gothenburg

One of the world's most important congresses for electric transportation, the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, EVS38, will be held in Gothenburg on June 15-18, 2025. The event is aimed at a...

Geofencing for safer and smarter urban environmental design

On May 29, geofencing was demonstrated in an urban environment in Stockholm and trucks, buses and cars were used when the technology was shown. It is part of a collaborative project with the aim of...

Initiative for reduced transport traffic and emissions in Gothenburg's event district

A consortium gathering several stakeholders in the event district (Evenemangsstråket) of Gothenburg has initiated a project to develop and demonstrate a fossil-free and efficient logistics solution...
Foto på Stockholms stad trafikborgarråd Lars Strömgren samt projektledarna Jack Lu och Felicia Hökars

Dialogue and commitment show the way for efficient freight transport in the Old Town!

There was wide support from various actors and high commitment when the results conference of the prestudy "How do we contribute to the successful introduction of environmental zone class 3 in Old...
Tårta från en kick-off med involverade aktörer. På tårtan står det: "Nu samlastar vi!"

Consolidation test aiming for a better street environment

In the area north of Hamngatan in central Stockholm, an in real life test where the goods are collected and driven out by a carrier has recently started. The aim is to reduce the traffic of large...
Kvinna tar foto på personer som står på en scen

Innovation results in freight transport in focus at CLOSER's Results Conference 2024

CLOSER welcomes you to CLOSER's Results Conference 2024. March 21 in Gothenburg will be a meeting place for municipalities, regions, as well as transport and logistics players. Sign up and take...
34,5 meter lång lastbil på terminal

34.5 meter long trucks - up to 40% less emissions

"The environmental potential is significant simply by being able to carry more. Compared to a standard 25.25-meter truck, there's a 20% saving, and against an 18.75-meter semi-trailer, there could be...
Projektpartners vid en laddstation vid Vädermotet i Göteborg.

New project SELECT to explore pre-conditions for electrification of logistics fleets in the North Sea Region

What major challenges are there for logistics operators of light and heavy-duty trucks in electrifying their fleets? And how can cities and regions support this transition? That is what the new SELECT...

Digital automatic couplings make European railways time-efficient

The EU program Shift2Rail works to strengthen the rail system across Europe. Innovative solutions are therefore being developed for the entire railway sector, one of which is digital automatic...
CLOSER - ellastbil på bro

Innovation and cooperation - important to reach the climate goals!

March 23 is the time for CLOSER's annual conference and this time with a focus on Agenda 2030 . Together with our partners, we present goals, results and lessons learned from both ongoing and...
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VIDEO: CLOSER annual conference with a focus on Agenda 2030

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Infram and the Falun Borlänge region new partners in CLOSER

''We are working to ensure that infrastructure and logistics around Sweden's waist are developed for the best and we see becoming a partner in CLOSER as part of this work'', says Sofia Berglund...
Ida kristoffersson och tåg

Railway innovations must be implemented to secure competitiveness

On June 14, IMPACT II ends with a final conference in Brussels. The project is part of the European railway initiative Shift2Rail which will end in 2023. IMPACT II has evaluated the effect that...
Train tracks

Scientific FR8RAIL IV article awarded at World Congress

The scientific article was published by the Royal Institute of Technology and describes the relationship between long and heavy freight trains and long-term damage to the rails. The work has taken...
Sandra Runsten_TREFF

"Resilience is essential for us to lead safe, prosperous and good lives"

Sandra Runsten, Head of Sustainability at Sweco will be the key note speaker that starts this year´s TREFF. Sandra will talk about what challenges lies ahead to secure a resillient society - get a...
Kartong som packas

The industry agreement for fossil-free deliveries is now being launched

Now it will be easier for consumers who shop e-shop to choose a fossil-free delivery. On the initiative of Swedish Trade, e-retailers and carriers agree on a common definition for fossil-free delivery...
TREFF 2022

TREFF 2022: "Resilience has become crucial for supply chains to survive"

​Numerous crises have hit our transport networks since the pandemic broke out. So how can we meet the challenges? The importance of resilience – and how to achieve it – was one of the themes of this...

Major Investment in Fossil-Free Industrial Transport in Northern Sweden

Northern Sweden and Norrbotten are facing the largest industrial investments in modern times. As part of supporting the development of sustainable heavy transport and logistics solutions by road, rail...

Umeå is investigating whether green hydrogen is the pathway to fossil-free shipping.

In the future, how can fossil-free bunker fuels and electric charging be provided in Swedish ports? The EU project Blue Supply Chains aims to examine the best renewable fuel solutions and their...
Elektrifierad timmerbil

The timber trucks in the forestry industry are being electrified.

The forestry industry's road transports are being electrified through a collaboration involving Skogforsk, CLOSER, Scania, five forestry companies, transport and technology firms, as well as research...
Man som sitter och ler vid sitt skrivbord, har ett par headsets på sig.

How can autonomous transport interact in urban landscapes?

In recent years, we have seen breakthroughs in autonomous transportation technology. From self-driving electric shuttles that navigate the Chalmers Campus to autonomous goods deliveries integrated...
future mobility

Funding opportunity: we welcome proposals encompassing innovation within sustainable mobility

Future Mobility welcomes proposals encompassing innovation collaborations between Sweden and the US within sustainable mobility. In this offer, we want to promote partnership, collaboration and...
två personer står och pratar i en urban miljö

Welcomed definition of transport efficiency

CLOSER is an innovation program working towards achieving a transport-efficient society. However, the meaning of the concept transport-efficient society has not always been entirely clear. Therefore...