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34.5 meter long trucks - up to 40% less emissions

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

"The environmental potential is significant simply by being able to carry more. Compared to a standard 25.25-meter truck, there's a 20% saving, and against an 18.75-meter semi-trailer, there could be up to a 40% reduction in emissions," says Thomas Asp in  DN."

34,5 meter lång lastbil på terminal

From December 1, 2023, 34.5-meter-long trucks are permitted, compared to the previous 25.25 meters, on designated road networks. The introduction of longer vehicles has been under investigation for almost 15 years, and 10 years ago, in 2012, the High Capacity Transport (HCT) program was launched at CLOSER. Since then, CLOSER has been the hub for research conducted within the program. Here, you can read some of the articles highlighting the importance of this!"

In purely economic terms, this length also saves fuel and costs for drivers, who are currently in short supply, and that's also factored into the equation.

Thomas Asp, HCT project manager at CLOSER, also mentioned this in DN."

"The advantages of longer trucks are that it requires fewer trucks to transport the same amount of goods. According to our calculations, this means we can reduce emissions from heavy truck traffic by between 4 and 6 percent," says Sandra Nordahl, unit manager at Trafikverketthe Swedish Transport Administration."

"We see significant both socio-economic gains as well as environmental benefits, such as reducing fuel consumption by at least 20 percent," says Thomas Asp in SVT Väst."

Borås is very happy, as Sweden's largest e-commerce hub, we have a lot of companies that deal with large volumes of goods. With the longer vehicles, we see that more goods can be transported on one truck, which is simply a climate and environmental saving.

Gunilla Hell Bellman, Business Development Manager, Borås stad

"It feels very good that after 15 years of research, we're taking the first and crucial step in implementing 34.5 meters, primarily considering the environmental and economic benefits involved," says Thomas Asp in both Tidningen proffs and in Industritorgets article.


However, to fully benefit, it's necessary for the vehicles to reach the terminal entirely, and in that aspect, municipalities play a crucial role as that part is almost always on municipal roads," argues Thomas Asp, project manager for the HCT project at CLOSER

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Thomas Asp

Project manager
HCT - High CapacityTransport