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Geofencing på hönö

How can your city use geofencing to create sustainable traffic environments?

Do you work with digitization or traffic planning in a city, municipality or region? Here you can both take part in the advantages of geofencing but also how to implement the tool in your city.
Tomas Hagelberg

Geofencing - for a safe and secure journey

"For us, offering a safe and secure journey is a priority", says Tomas Hagelberg, planning manager within the urban environment administration, Göteborgs stad. In the GeoSence project, which CLOSER leads, geofencing solutions are developed that should lead to better traffic flows, higher security and better air quality. Here you can see the film about how the city of Gothenburg tested geofencing to ensure speed restrictions in the city.
Lossning av gods

If you are hesitating to buy an electric truck, don't hesitate too long!

In this film, you can listen to why Martin & Servera and Dagab think it is worth it for more haulage companies to dare to try electrifying their refrigerated and frozen transports. You also get to take part in the benefits from the perspective of a customer, a city and a driver.
Magnus Sundström, Wibax

– Samarbete är en förutsättning för att kunna elektrifiera Sveriges lastbilstransporter

Magnus Sundström, CEO, Wibax logistics, tells us in this article about how and why Wibax intends to convert the majority of its vehicle fleet to electrified trucks before 2030. He highlights that there are many advantages but also some challenges that they need to overcome in order to convert.

What happens within CLOSER and our partners right now?

Sacramento, California, USA

REEL & E-Charge at EVS36

REEL & E-Charge will be presented at the 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS36) in...

Application deadline: funding from Future Mobility

Future Mobility welcomes proposals encompassing innovation collaborations within sustainable...

What do CLOSER and our partners focus on right now?

CLOSER - ellastbil möter timmerlastbil

What is CLOSER doing in terms of energy-efficient & fossil-free freight transport?

Together with our partners, CLOSER works to accelerate the development of, and the transition to energy-efficient and fossil-free freight transport. We do this by carrying out projects in...
CLOSER - styr och ställ_människor i rörelse

How do we create logistics in the city on people's terms?

More and more people are moving to our cities, which places demands on an efficient and sustainable supply in the form of packages, food, building materials and efficient return and waste management...

How can long-distance transport become more efficient?

It is important in this regard to utilise the benefits of each individual mode of transport, the correct mode of transport for the correct task. In order to be able to use the most sustainable mode of...
CLOSER Ellastbil på håll vanlig

How does digitalisation affect logistics?

CLOSER works within the focus area of Digitalised Logistics to ensure that the industry takes advantage of the opportunities offered by data-driven logistics and digital innovation. Knowledge and...

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