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Bild på Annette Hultåker och Scanialastbil i nattmiljö utanför Mc Donalds

Data sharing - the key for Off Peak

The HITS project has looked at conditions for deliveries at night (Off Peak) in central Stockholm. Is it possible, how do the actors share data, what are the pros and cons? The questions are lined up. Annette Hultåker, Technical Manager at Scania's electrification, has spent many hours to develop theoretical solutions. Now, they are beeing tested in practice.
Buss i rondell på kvällen

TREFF: How Sustainable Freight Transportations Can Contribute to Achieving Climate Goals

Discover how sustainable freight transport solutions can contribute to achieving climate goals at TREFF: Transport Efficiency Day. The event is free of charge and will take place on August 30th at the Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm.
HITS- MoS-red2

The HITS collaboration has become a hit!

As many as 77 percent of all cafes and restaurants in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia, just north of Stockholm, have changed their product deliveries from daytime to off peak during June.

On the first of December, 34.5 meter long trucks are allowed to drive on Sweden's roads

"It is gratifying that the work to allow longer vehicles in Sweden has gained momentum," says Ylva Öhrnell, head of sustainability, DHL Freight. "For us, longer vehicles are an important measure to reduce our emissions of climate gases because there will then be fewer vehicles on our roads."

What happens within CLOSER and our partners right now?

Hugo, autonomus vehicle

Breakfast webinar - DIGILOG: the Future of Autonomous Transport

Unlock the potential of autonomous transport and explore its transformative impact on urban...

Application deadline: funding from Future Mobility

Future Mobility welcomes proposals encompassing innovation collaborations within sustainable...

What do CLOSER and our partners focus on right now?

CLOSER - ellastbil möter timmerlastbil

What is CLOSER doing in terms of energy-efficient & fossil-free freight transport?

Together with our partners, CLOSER works to accelerate the development of, and the transition to energy-efficient and fossil-free freight transport. We do this by carrying out projects in...
CLOSER - styr och ställ_människor i rörelse

How do we create logistics in the city on people's terms?

More and more people are moving to our cities, which places demands on an efficient and sustainable supply in the form of packages, food, building materials and efficient return and waste management...

How can long-distance transport become more efficient?

It is important in this regard to utilise the benefits of each individual mode of transport, the correct mode of transport for the correct task. In order to be able to use the most sustainable mode of...
CLOSER Ellastbil på håll vanlig

How does digitalisation affect logistics?

CLOSER works within the focus area of Digitalised Logistics to ensure that the industry takes advantage of the opportunities offered by data-driven logistics and digital innovation. Knowledge and...

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