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New logistics data lab creates better opportunities to achieve climate goals

A new national logistics data lab is now in place with the objective of increasing the potential for collaborations on sharing and using collective data. This will benefit the development of a future sustainable transport system.
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Circular food supply chains – are they possible?

There is no doubt that society needs to become more sustainable, and that many different pieces are needed to complete the jigsaw puzzle that makes up the global sustainability goals. Our food consumption and the logistics associated with this represent an important piece of this puzzle. During Transporteffektivitetsdagen (which translates as "Transport Efficiency Day", or TREFF for short) the audience gained insights into how circular food supply chains can work – and how they can attract new partnerships, flows and dialogue.
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Logistics - not just transports

The HITS project has looked deeply into the problems of transports in cities, including off-peak transports. The carriers increase their delivery precision when they drive the goods off-peak, which is an important customer value, but if the customer does not want the goods at these times, what is left of the customer value then? Can this be solved in such a way that both parties benefit from the goods arriving at night?

New program management at CLOSER

CLOSER's board has decided that Kristoffer Skjutare will be the new program manager for CLOSER. In addition, Clara Wallin will be deputy program manager. With this change, CLOSER will get a great foundation for further development moving forward.

New project manager with focus on digitized and connected logistics

Vanja Carlén has been the new project manager at CLOSER since the beginning of August. Vanja has a great interest in data-driven innovation and sustainability and will work in the theme area of ​​digitized and connected logistics.

What happens within CLOSER and our partners right now?

Online & Pascal Lindholmen Science Park

MIMIC slutkonferens

The MIMIC project have since 2018 worked with stakeholder dialog, logistics optimization and Smart...

Online & Pascal Lindholmen Science Park

MIMIC Final Conference

The MIMIC project have since 2018 worked with stakeholder dialog, logistics optimization and Smart...

Chalmers Konferenscenter, Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Software Development Day

Welcome to the Lindholmen Software Development Day on October 28. We proudly present experts in the...

What do CLOSER and our partners on right now?

CLOSER - ellastbil möter timmerlastbil

Vad gör CLOSER inom energieffektiva & fossilfria godstransporter?

CLOSER arbetar tillsammans med våra partners för att skynda på utvecklingen av och omställningen till energieffektiva och fossilfria godstransporter. Vi gör detta genom att driva projekt tillsammans...
CLOSER - styr och ställ_människor i rörelse

How do we create logistics in the city on people's terms?

More and more people are moving to our cities, which places demands on an efficient and sustainable supply in the form of packages, food, building materials and efficient return and waste management...
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Hur kan långväga transporter bli mer effektiva?

Här gäller det att använda fördelarna med varje enskilt transportslag, rätt trafikslag för rätt uppgift. För att kunna nyttja det mest hållbara transportsättet för en sträcka är det helt avgörande att...
CLOSER Ellastbil på håll vanlig

Hur påverkar digitaliseringen logistiken?

Inom fokusområdet Digitaliserad logistik arbetar CLOSER för att branschen ska ta tillvara på de möjligheter som datadriven logistik och digital innovation erbjuder. I dialog och samarbeten delas...

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