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Swedish arena for transport efficiency

CLOSER is a national cooperation platform, knowledge hub and project workshop for increased transportation efficiency. The results of our work create new solutions for the freight transportation system needed to supply a sustainable society.



  • Sofie Vennersten
    Programme Manager
  • Maria Oscott (fd. Lindholm)
    Project Manager
  • Lina Olsson
    Project Manager
  • Nicklas Blidberg
    Project Manager
  • Thomas Asp
    Project Manager
  • Anna Hafström Kováts
    Press Contact
  • Sandra Nordahl
    Project Manager
  • Lina Wells
    Project Manager
  • Hanna Timring
    Project Coordinator (on parental leave)
  • Hannes Lindkvist
    Project Manager
  • Magnus Blinge
    Senior Project Manager
  • Lovisa Westblom
    Project Manager

CLOSER is a collaboration between