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Read about all the exciting things that are done within CLOSER and our partnership!


Applied AI shall build experience, knowledge and create new collaborations

The initiative AI Enhanced Mobility shall build experience, knowledge and create new collaborations in applied AI within the mobility sector, this to create conditions and solutions for sustainable...

Off-Peak transport - a good environmental choice

HITS has focused on transport in cities. A focus area has been Off-peak transport. Electrification of the vehicles enables night deliveries as the noise levels go down. The carriers increase their...
Woman standing on a scene talking in front of people

Cross-border knowledge-sharing to reduce CO2 emissions

High-Capacity Transport (HCT) refers to transporting things longer and/or heavier than current regulations allow. Increased use of HCT vehicles would increase energy efficiency and thereby reduce CO2...
Smarta urbana trafikzoner

Smart zones for a more sustainable and safe city

Smarta urbana trafikzoner
— To create a city on pedestrians' terms, right technology and good cooperation are needed, says Felicia Hökars, project manager, Smart Urban Traffic Zones. The result from the Smart urban traffic...
Henrik Åkerman TREFF

Reinventing the supply chain to democratize healthy food

Henrik Åkerman, Head of Purchasing at Picadeli, will be one of the speakers at TREFF. His presentation will explain how Picadeli optimises their supply chain, as a company with quick logistics due to...

The Swedish Energy Agency new financier - strengthens investment in sustainable e-commerce

ASTER, Alliance for Sustainable E-commerce, was started in the autumn of 2021 with funding from Vinnova and is now receiving increased support from the Swedish Energy Agency. The purpose of ASTER is...
Cecilia Malmström

"Trade has become more geopolitical as companies need to take political considerations when they trade"

On the 30th of August, we will finally see you physically at Lindholmen Science Park for this year’s Transporteffektivitetsdagen, TREFF. One of the first items on the agenda will be a presentation by...
HCT fordon

Really long trucks will soon be driving on Sweden's roads

The government is now opening up for 34.5 meter long trucks to be able to drive on Swedish roads, which has been made possible thanks to solid work within CLOSER's network. Something that will bring...

Smart solutions for the future at H22

During the H22 City expo, the focus was on how Sweden's cities will become more sustainable together! CLOSER arranged a workshop in two parts where nine different municipalities participated and want...

Sustainable e-commerce - nothing we compete about

Cooperation within the entire supply chain is the key to more sustainable Swedish e-commerce. "No exceptions, now the industry must work forward and together!". In this interview with Tom Thörnblom...

How we can make construction logistics stakeholders work closer together

Nearly half of the transported goods to and from a city is material going to and from a construction site. At each construction site there is a large amount of different actors and that all want to...
closes urbana

In a city on people’s terms

Smarta urbana trafikzoner
By using geofencing, a tool for a digitally defined geographical area and rules for vehicles to follow, it is possible to create more flexible cities where vehicles move on people’s terms. For you who...
Anna Björkman

How do we enable the transition to digital automatic switching in Europe?

Digital automatic coupling will strengthen freight transport by rail in Europe by increasing the system's capacity, efficiency and quality. Through Anna Björkman, the Swedish Transport Administration...
Jonas Eliasson bred

— The biggest challenge is to reduce the climate impact of transport quickly enough

December 8 is the High Capacity Transport (HCT) annual conference and we therefore asked three questions to Jonas Eliasson, Director of Transport Accessibility, the Swedish Transport Administration...
Magnus Lindgren

New project manager with focus on system perspective and business models

Since the beginning of November, Magnus Lindgren has been the new project manager at CLOSER. Magnus has a great technical interest and will work with projects related to energy supply. His focus will...
Scania - REEL

Large roll-out of electrified heavy road transport

The government and a number of leading industrial companies are now investing heavily in electrification of heavy transport to reduce climate impact. Heavy vehicles account for a third of road traffic...
Felicia Hökars

New project manager with focus on connected vehicles

Since October, Felicia Hökars has been the new project manager at CLOSER. With a great interest in sustainability, she will work with projects such as Smart urban traffic zones and the Future...

New logistics data lab creates better opportunities to achieve climate goals

A new national logistics data lab is now in place with the objective of increasing the potential for collaborations on sharing and using collective data. This will benefit the development of a future...
Vegetables in crate

Circular food supply chains – are they possible?

There is no doubt that society needs to become more sustainable, and that many different pieces are needed to complete the jigsaw puzzle that makes up the global sustainability goals. Our food...
Lastbil levererar nattetid

Logistics - not just transports

HITS 2024
The HITS project has looked deeply into the problems of transports in cities, including off-peak transports. The carriers increase their delivery precision when they drive the goods off-peak, which is...