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Initiative for reduced transport traffic and emissions in Gothenburg's event district

Monday, March 11, 2024

A consortium gathering several stakeholders in the event district (Evenemangsstråket) of Gothenburg has initiated a project to develop and demonstrate a fossil-free and efficient logistics solution for the area. By creating a new type of collaboration for joint distribution, the stakeholders hope to reduce congestion, emissions, and noise to create a more attractive neighbourhood. 


The area around the event district in Gothenburg will undergo significant changes, including a new arena and a new central bath to replace Scandinavium and Valhallabadet. At the same time, planning is underway for the goods and logistics hub, Link40, between Gothenburg and Landvetter, and the Green City Zone initiative where the event district will serve as a testbed for solutions contributing to the transition to emission-free traffic in urban environments. 

A piece of the puzzle in this area transformation is the REDIG project, which aims to develop and demonstrate a fossil-free efficient logistics solution together with the ecosystem of collaboration, regulations, and infrastructure required to succeed in the transition to fossil-free and sustainable transportation. 

REDIG System Demonstration is a continuation of the pre-study Regional Goods Hubs in Gothenburg, which showed that simply electrifying delivery vehicles is not enough to create a sustainable transport environment. The volume of traffic must also decrease. By coordinating their deliveries, participating stakeholders estimate they can optimize vehicle usage and reduce the number of stops by a total of 30 percent. 

The system demonstration will be carried out by logistics actors such as GLC, DB Schenker, and 247, goods receivers such as Liseberg, Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers, and GotEvent. Involved urban planners include the City of Gothenburg and Link40 through Fastighets AB Balder and Next Step Group, as well as research and knowledge actors RISE (project leader), Chalmers, Asta Zero, and Volvo Technology. 

The solution will be visualized in a digital twin capable of simulating flows and calculating effects. It should be commercially sustainable and applicable to other locations in Gothenburg or in other cities. 

CLOSER coordinates the work package that plans, implements and evaluates the pilot.

REDIG System Demonstration is funded by Vinnova, with a total budget of 12 million SEK, and runs from November 2023 to November 2026. The main coordinator is RISE, and other partners include CLOSER, AstaZero, Chalmers, the City of Gothenburg, Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers, GotEvent, Liseberg, Volvo Technology, Link40 (Next Step Group and Fastighets AB Balder), GLC, 247, and DB Schenker. 

For more information, contact:

Anna Eriksson
Project leader, RISE
+46 730 946 841

For more information about CLOSER's part of the project, contact: