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Major Investment in Fossil-Free Industrial Transport in Northern Sweden

Friday, November 24, 2023

Northern Sweden and Norrbotten are facing the largest industrial investments in modern times. As part of supporting the development of sustainable heavy transport and logistics solutions by road, rail, and sea, the national innovation platform CLOSER is established in Norrbotten with LTU Business as the regional hosting organization. In connection with the establishment, Region Norrbotten becomes a partner.


Luleåhamn Foto: Daniel Holmgren

The initiative aims to support the implementation of sustainable and well-functioning transport and logistics systems in collaboration with relevant industry stakeholders. For Sweden, as an exporting nation with a business sector that, in many respects, is leading the green transition globally, a more sustainable and efficient transport system from north to south is crucial both nationally and internationally.

As CLOSER strengthens its presence in northern Sweden, it's in collaboration with LTU Business. This establishment is not only a regional matter but also a national and international one," says Bo Hallams, Chairman of CLOSER.

LTU Business, a business development company owned by Luleå University of Technology, becomes the hosting organization for CLOSER in northern Sweden. LTU Business possesses a wide network within the business sector and extensive experience as a driving force in innovation processes and collaborative projects.

Sustainable steel production, ore mining, and other industries ultimately involve exports from northern Sweden to the world, and it's crucial to have a robust initiative where public-private collaboration can accelerate this transition. We look forward to, in collaboration with CLOSER, bringing together stakeholders from research, business, and the public sector to expedite the development and implementation of new transport and logistics solutions.

Gry Holmgren Hafskjold, CEO, LTU Business

The work begins in early 2023 by gathering representatives from entities driving industrial investments to identify the challenges facing the transportation system. The goal is for this to result in tangible outcomes through collaborative efforts that create value for both individual stakeholders and a sustainable, efficient transport system.

"New transshipment terminals and port logistics, electrification, automation, and hydrogen-based e-fuels will need to be tested and implemented on a large scale. We welcome the establishment of CLOSER in Norrbotten, enabling us to scale up the ongoing development," says Janus Brandin, Regional Director of Development Region Norrbotten.

CLOSER comprises around 60 partners and serves as a neutral collaboration platform, a hub of knowledge, and a project workshop aimed at enhancing transport efficiency and functional logistics. CLOSER's objective is to contribute new solutions to the freight transport system that will support a sustainable society. The main financiers of CLOSER are the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), Vinnova, and the Västra Götaland Region. CLOSER operates within Lindholmen Science Park, with offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

LTU Business is a business development company operating at the intersection of academia, business, and government agencies, aiming to contribute to sustainable regional growth. Owned by Luleå University of Technology, LTU Business provides a unique platform for collaboration among students, researchers, and the business sector.

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Kristoffer Skjutare

Kristoffer Skjutare

Program Manager