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How do we create logistics in the city on people's terms?

CLOSER - styr och ställ_människor i rörelse

More and more people are moving into our cities, which places demands on an efficient and sustainable supply in the form of packages, foodstuffs, building materials and efficient return and waste management. Together with our partners, CLOSER works to accelerate the development of, and the transition to, a sustainable and living city on people's terms. 

Together with you who work in the city, region, academia and industry, we want to work on the challenges that exist! How the impact on the people in the city is and will be, but also on the environment both locally and globally.

Urban freight transport in interaction

Cities are in constant motion in order to meet the needs of the inhabitants. Every day people get around the city to work, study, shop or just meet. At the same time, goods and materials are transported into our industries, shops and homes, and waste and returns of goods and materials go out. Construction of properties and infrastructure that generates transport is also underway in the city.

All parts need to come together every day on a limited surface. If the system is not planned and managed effectively, it can mean congestion and delays, high noise levels and air pollution.  

Our vision within the focus area of ​​Urban Logistics is to create the conditions for efficient, safe and fossil-free freight transport that contributes to a good working environment and healthy urban environments for all residents. The city's logistics system is dynamic, resilient and contributes to economic growth and an attractive urban environment.

More efficient goods transport

Scanialastbild i Gamla stan


The sustainable solutions of the future require increased cooperation between different actors as well as the capacity for rapid integration of new technology, methodology and new business models. The...
Vy över Göteborg, Gothia Towers och Liseberg


REDIG - Regional Freight Hubs in Gothenburg are part of the Green City Zone and is a preliminary study for how the collective loading of goods can be carried out sustainably, commercially and with an...
Paket leverans i Gamla stan

Pre study - introduction of a zero emission zone in the city

The city of Stockholm has a goal of an emission-free inner city by the year 2030. In order to achieve this goal the city has chosen to use a zero emission zone as a tool to improve air quality in an...
dencity hubben vision


DenCity is a collaboration between parties from academia, society and business. Together, we have developed and tested solutions for sustainable personal and freight mobility. Here we present our...

Connected transport in the urban environment for increased safety and efficient use of space: 

Illustration of Geofencing


GeoSence elaborates on geofencing solutions aiming at improving traffic flow, safety, and air quality. Challenges on how to obtain user acceptance and useful improvements are addressed.

HasT – Speed-controlled traffic zone in urban environments

The purpose of the HasT project is to, for the first time, carry out a large-scale system demonstration in a city center where various modes of transportation are speed-controlled through digital...

Geofencing for safer and smarter urban environmental design

On May 29, geofencing was demonstrated in an urban environment in Stockholm and trucks, buses and cars were used when the technology was shown. It is part of a collaborative project with the aim of...

E-commerce transport

E-handel 2021


E-commerce in Sweden is growing by the day. And we need to work together to make Swedish e-commerce more sustainable! A large number of organisations in Swedish commerce have now decided to...
CLOSER - kvinnor samtalar på trappa med laptop


The objective of e-COMSTRAT is to provide new knowledge about how municipalities can achieve an improved urban environment through access to delivery data. By taking part in delivery data, e-COMSTRAT...
Person holding a mobile, only hand and mobile can be seen

DenCity - full service property

Home delivery is a concept that has emerged in recent times with carriers offering last-mile and even last-meter deliveries to consumers in multi-family residences. Parcel lockers provide an increased...
maria lin kim unpslash

Large-scale coordinated home deliveries

The coronavirus crisis has led to nationwide demand for home deliveries from people who are in at-risk groups or who are self-isolating. The “Large-scale coordinated home deliveries” project has set...

Construction and waste transport

Vatten och en flytande återvinningscentral

DENCITY: How do we make Recycling Centers easily accessible?

A liquid ÅVC that is for all people living in the city. They can go down to the dock and drop off recyclables and reduce their car dependency – what a service!

BÖRjA - Construction logistics for increased resource management and transport efficiency through stakeholder cooperation

The project "Resource-efficient circular flows of building materials with the support of efficient data sharing " has been about preparing tests of digitization with the aim of minimizing the...
graf och bild på stad med lastbilar och logistikcenter. Lekfull stil, ger ett hoppfullt intryck.


CIVIC was a project with the goal to improve mobility, liveability and road safety in the city with construction logistics. At this site, you can take part in the results and insights generated in the...
illustration av en stad, mycket färger, barnsligt uttryck

MIMIC – Aiming for sustainble construction logistics

MIMIC worked with stakeholder dialogue, logistics optimization and Smart governance to facilitate and support logistics to, from and on urban construction sites to improve mobility and reduce...

Vad gör CLOSER för att möta agenda 2030-målen?

CLOSERs arbete inom Citylogistik adresserar primärt Mål 11 i Agenda 2030: Hållbara städer och samhällen. De samarbeten och lösningar som utvecklas, testas, och utvärderas inom partnerskapets projekt berör främst följande delmål:

Globala målen_11.3
Globala målen_11.6

Want to know more about how CLOSER works with city logistics?

Felicia Hökars

Felicia Hökars

Project leader
CLOSER - ellastbil möter timmerlastbil

What does CLOSER do in energy-efficient & fossil-free freight transport?

CLOSER works together with our partners to speed up the development of and conversion to energy-efficient and fossil-free freight transport. We do this by running projects together with you in business, academia, city or region.
digital bild av lossning vid en terminal

How does digitalisation affect logistics?

CLOSER works within the focus area of Digitalised Logistics to ensure that the industry takes advantage of the opportunities offered by data-driven logistics and digital innovation. Knowledge and experiences between players and the logistics system are shared through dialogue and collaboration. Your organisation's needs are addressed and can be translated into projects and solutions that lead to a sustainable and digitalised system and society in accordance with Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement.

How can long-distance transport become more efficient?

It is important in this regard to utilise the benefits of each individual mode of transport, the correct mode of transport for the correct task. In order to be able to use the most sustainable mode of transport for a route, it is absolutely crucial that we optimise the transfer between different modes of transport - it should be cost-effective, accessible and punctual.