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VIDEO: CLOSER annual conference with a focus on Agenda 2030

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

In order to meet the Agenda 2030 goals, we need to keep our eyes high and cooperate, that was the common thread through CLOSER's annual conference that started on March 23. See here how all the different initiatives that CLOSER runs together with all our partners can be part of the development to reach the goals. Take part in the entire recording here! 

We cannot understand the future by looking back, it moves too fast. 


Per-Olof Arnäs, Chairman Digitalised Logistics, CLOSER

To reach the Agenda 2030 goals, we must work in a coordinated manner. Because everyone can win, but also lose if we don't coordinate resources as partners instead of competitors. We also need to create faster learning and a faster rate of innovation, where the focus is on understanding what we learn from the projects and how we can scale them up. 

Maria Stenström, Responsible for behavior & mobility issues, 2030 Secretariat



Welcome and introduction  -  Kristoffer Skjutare, CLOSER

Keynote AGENDA 2030  -  Maria Stenström, 2030 Secretariat

ASTER - An alliance for sustainable e-commerce  -  Josephine Darlington, CLOSER

Logistics in the sustainable city of the future 

  • Helsingborg's work with climate change -  Anders Forsberg, CLOSER, Peter Danielsson, City of Helsingborg.
  • HITS - Off-peak deliveries as part of the solution -  Magnus Blinge, Scania
  • MIMIC - Aiming to create sustainable construction logistics -  Rodrigue Al Fahel, CLOSER
  • The dynamic city - Smart urban traffic zones -  Felicia Hökars, CLOSER

How do we achieve a fossil-free vehicle fleet in 2030?

  • How can we together cope with the energy transition for the transport sector?  - Maria Nilsson Öhman, DHL, Andreas Josefsson, CLOSER
  • REEL - A real operation for electrification
  • Intermodal electrified transport chains -  Lennart Karlsson, Jula Logistics

Adjustment in long-distance transports 

  • The role of the railway in the work towards Agenda 2030 -  Anna Björkman, CLOSER
  • The role of short sea shipping in the transport system of the future -  Björn Garberg, Swedish Transport Administration
  • New opportunities for short sea shipping -  Göran Söderdahl, Wallenius Marine AB

How can digitization accelerate the transformation of the transport system?

  • The role of digitization -  Vanja Carlén, CLOSER
  • Predictive movement - A platform for coordinated transport -  Johanna Lindberg, Luleå University of Technology
  • Panel discussion: The challenges for coordinated transport and data sharing  - Per-Olof Arnäs, Steerlink Partners, Johanna Lindberg, LTU and Vanja Carlén, CLOSER.

International outlook - Collaborations in Europe  -  Rodrigue Al Fahel, CLOSER