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Innovation and cooperation - important to reach the climate goals!

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

March 23 is the time for CLOSER's annual conference and this time with a focus on Agenda 2030 . Together with our partners, we present goals, results and lessons learned from both ongoing and completed projects and investments and how they respond to a number of the set goals. Sign up today!


CLOSER - ellastbil på bro

Society and business are facing major challenges and a lot needs to happen here and now in order for us to succeed in reaching the global goals by 2030. Many solutions, ideas and techniques already exist, but now cooperation and joint efforts are needed in order for us to reach the set goals. How do we tackle the challenges in the transport sector and how can CLOSER together with our partners contribute to reaching the goals by 2030? During CLOSER's annual conference, we will present how our results correspond to the goals!


Collaborations within CLOSER contribute solutions that help us achieve the common goals that Sweden and the world community have set to create a sustainable future. At CLOSER, we want to contribute with what we know best, and that is to create the conditions for as efficient a supply as is possible for Sweden at all, through smart and sustainable transport and logistics solutions.

Kristoffer Skjutare, Program Manager, CLOSER

The opening speaker is Maria Stenström,  who represents the 2030 Secretariat


We cannot rely on technology to solve the climate challenge. This requires new thoughts, new collaborations and the courage to go from plan to action together now!

Maria Stenström, Responsible behavior & mobility issues2030-sekretariatet

During the section Logistics in the sustainable city of the future, one of the speakers is Magnus Blinge , who will talk about  HITS - Off-peak deliveries as part of the solution. 

With the new generation of silent battery electric vehicles, opportunities are opened to deliver goods "off-peak", in the evenings and nights in cities. One challenge has been that it is costly for the recipient to have staff on-site at night to receive the goods. Within the HITS project, Scania together with Logtrade and HAVI has been able to test whether a digital and connected solution makes it possible to deliver goods without the need for a recipient on site.

Magnus Blinge, Research Manager, Scania

Shortly after 10 o'clock, CLOSER's chairman in the focus area City logisticsMaria Nilsson Öhman, who on a daily basis is the sustainability manager at DHL,  Andreas Josefsson, project manager for REEL and Lennart Karlsson, CEO at Jula Logistics, discuss how we should tackle the transition to a fossil-independent transport sector. 

Different technologies and fuels have different areas of application. I don't think there will be a one-size-fits-all solution for transport by 2030.

Maria Nilsson Öhman, Sustainability Manager, DHL

During the section, The role of digitization - opportunities and challenges with shared data, CLOSER's chairman in the focus area digitized logistics  Per-Olof ArnäsSteerlink partners as well as  Johanna LindbergLuleå University of Technology and Vanja Carlén, CLOSER, talk about the challenges of coordinated transport and data sharing. 

CLOSER's focus area Digitized logistics brings together people and organizations who are passionate about digital development in logistics. During 2021, we have formulated a number of strategic development goals within digitization. Within the framework of these goals, CLOSER and its partners in digitized logistics focus on what will be required to achieve the vision, who is affected and how we can get there.


Per Olof Arnäs, Steerlink partners