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What does CLOSER do in energy-efficient & fossil-free freight transport?

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CLOSER works together with our partners to speed up the development of and conversion to energy-efficient and fossil-free freight transport. We do this by running projects together with you in business, academia, city or region.

Within this focus area, we at CLOSER focus especially on freight transport by road as they account for the largest part of the energy consumption for transport in Sweden.
 What initiatives do we run together with our partners?

What initiatives do we run together with our partners?

Our initiatives test how new technology, new business models, rules and new ways of working can lead to Sweden achieving a fossil-free freight transport system by 2045.

Here you can read about some of our projects



Together we electrify Sweden's truck transports!
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See how we, together with our partners, reduce their climate footprint!

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What is Sweden's goal regarding energy supply to the transport sector?

Sweden aims to become one of the world's first fossil-free welfare countries. The goal is to have no emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by 2045 at the latest. The transport industry contributes a third of Sweden's total greenhouse gas emissions, with freight transport making up about a third. Therefore, the reduction of freight transport's greenhouse gas emissions is important in order to reach set climate targets. Sweden has also formulated an interim target which means that greenhouse gases for domestic transport, excluding aviation, must be reduced by 70% by the year 2030 compared to 2010.

What is CLOSER doing to meet the Agenda 2030 goals?

CLOSER's work within Energy Supply primarily addresses Goal 7 in Agenda 2030: Sustainable energy for all. 
The collaborations and solutions that are developed, tested and evaluated within the partnership's project mainly concern the following sub-goals: 

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CLOSER starts and runs projects that strive to find solutions that increase the share of renewable energy for the freight transport system.


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CLOSER develops and tests new solutions that are more efficient than today and thus reduce the energy consumption of the transport system.


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CLOSER works to strengthen collaborations between different actors to facilitate access to research and technology in clean energy, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and advanced and cleaner fossil fuel-based technology.

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