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Are you looking for collaboration in the field of logistics?


Would you and your organisation like to get involved in CLOSER?

We are looking for you who represent an organisation that want to contribute to change! As a partner in CLOSER, you have the opportunity to take part in our networks and realise your organisations’ ideas. Through our broad network and the experience of our project leaders at CLOSER, you can take part in new knowledge and activities in the transport and logistics industry, and a little bit more.

To become a partner in CLOSER, your organisation must apply for membership by completing the form below or contacting Kristoffer Skjutare, who is the programme manager for CLOSER. Your application will be presented to CLOSER's board, which makes the formal decision regarding your application.

We at CLOSER initiate and manage projects on a constant basis together with organisations within the academic world, the public and private sector. Projects that are not only tested but eventually implemented in real-life situations. These are mainly within the borders of Sweden, but some are also international, yet still within Europe. 

"Challenges in the transport sector are complex and require new collaborations. CLOSER, in collaboration with Region Jönköping County and other partners, address needs and ideas that lead to tests, which become realities. This contributes to the research being used for the benefit of both companies and our county as a whole."

Tommy Eriksson, Region Jönköpings län

We are interested in becoming part of CLOSER

What are you interested in?

In which projects that are already underway can you get involved?

What area do you and your organization need to develop within? In what area do you require a wider context? Here are some projects that are already underway but which we would like you to be a part of. 

E-handel 2021


E-commerce in Sweden is growing by the day. And we need to work together to make Swedish e-commerce more sustainable! A large number of organisations in Swedish commerce have now decided to...
CLOSER - människor som pratar

Who are we who work at CLOSER?

We are specialists in running projects. We are really good at putting together the right team and leading projects so that together we can have a society on human terms.