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MIMIC – Aiming for sustainble construction logistics

MIMIC worked with stakeholder dialogue, logistics optimization and Smart governance to facilitate and support logistics to, from and on urban construction sites to improve mobility and reduce congestion and the impact on the surrounding community.

On this site you can take part in the comprehensive result gathered in the project. The results are divided into 10 different categories, find them further down!  

MIMIC was a JPI Urban Europe project. The project started in November 2018 and finished in December 2021, with partners from Belgium, Norway, Austria and Sweden. JPI Urban Europe is a joint programming initiative. The aim is to create attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas, in which European citizens, communities and their surroundings can thrive.

MIMIC results and outcomes

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Identify the components of the construction logistics process

Take part of executive summaries and reports about the findings
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The MIMIC Construction Logistics Game

A game that can simplify cooperation before a construction logistics process starts
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Methods for measuring transport flows

Urban construction projects are essential in reducing the housing deficit of the latest urbanization trend. However, construction work and construction material flow activities cause severe negative impacts on the surrounding community during the construction process. The MIMIC project focuses on the social, economic and environmental sustainability problems that arise from urban construction, and especially the logistics activities to, from, around and on urban construction sites.
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A method that can change the future of construction logistics

The logistics around a construction site makes up the largest part of the transport work of goods on the Swedish road network today. But this can be changed if contractors can optimise the logistic chain early or even before the construction work has started.
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New construction logistics solutions

Take part of the results here!
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Design of policy and legal framework requirements

The main aim of this report is to design policy and legal framework requirements which support the implementation of the Smart Governance Concept of construction logistics. In addition, the report gives an overview of the legal and political status at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels, of each partner country in MIMIC.
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MIMIC publications, dissertation & conferences

Within the project MIMIC a large portion of academic articles has been written. In these articles, you can take part in insights and results within the subject of logistics optimization, Smart governance and improving mobility, reducing congestion and the impact on the surrounding community. Find them here.

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MIMIC was a collaboration between

The project partners

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The Letter of interest-partners 

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Cecilie Flyen

SINTEF Buildings and Infrastructure
Norway - National Demonstration Coordinator
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Anna Fredriksson

Linköping University Sweden
National Demonstration Coordinator

Koen Mommens

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Belgium - National Demonstration Coordinator
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Martin Reinthaler

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Austria - National Demonstration Coordinator
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Pamela Nolz

E³UDRES² European University
Austria - Former National Demonstration Coordinator