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New construction logistics solutions

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Developing construction logistic solution for urban environments

When the current urbanization trend puts pressure on city development, there is a need to manage transport to and from a construction site as well as materials handling on-site. One way of doing this is by employing construction logistics setup i.e. consolidation terminal, checkpoints or a combination of both. However, how to develop a logistic setup is somewhat unclear.
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Water and railways enable efficient and climate-smart construction logistics

Cities are becoming increasingly dense and in order to build them, many different modes of transport are needed so that it can take place with minor impact on the environment in the city. "If the construction site is located at or close to a railway station or port, these forms of transport should be used, since it contributes to less congestion both at the construction site and in the cities and on our roads," says Anna Fredriksson, Linköping University.
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MIMIC – Aiming for sustainble construction logistics

MIMIC worked with stakeholder dialogue, logistics optimization and Smart governance to facilitate and support logistics to, from and on urban construction sites to improve mobility and reduce...
Rodrigue Al Fahel

Rodrigue Al Fahel

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