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HCT Duo Demo


The HCT Duo Demo project involves testing the use of longer vehicle combinations for transportation between Hallsberg and Örebro. The purpose is to investigate the effects of employing these longer vehicle configurations concerning transport efficiency, transport costs, and traffic safety, among other aspects.

HCT Duo Demo comprises pilot tests of transportation using HCT vehicles between Hallsberg Terminal and logistics areas in the Örebro region. This involves a 30-meter-long vehicle with three axles and two trailers.

The primary objective of the project is to conduct an analysis of logistics and system effects on both subsystems and the entire multimodal transport chain between the Port of Gothenburg and the Örebro region. The project will also provide data for the development of foundational information for HCT vehicles to be implemented into the environmental calculation tool NTM CalC. Additionally, an investigation into how unprotected road users (cyclists) are affected by the longer vehicle train will be carried out through pilot tests on the Örebro - Garphyttan route.

Key facts about the project

Founder: Swedish Energy Agency

Project period: May 2022 - December 2024

Project participants: Örebro County Region, CLOSER, Örebro University, Network for Transport

Measures (NTM), GDL, Chalmers University of Technology (REVERE), VTI, and RISE"

Would you like to know more about the HCT Duo Demo project?

On September 15th, a kick-off event for the project - HCT DUO DEMO Hallsberg-Örebro took place. Information was shared regarding the introduction of BK4 and longer vehicles (34.5 meters) in Sweden.

Did you miss the event and want to access some of the information that was shared? Check out the presentations below:

Presentations from HCT DUO DEMO Hallsberg-Örebro


Daniel Moback

Focus area manager long-distance transport