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TREFF: Transport Efficiency Day


How can a freight transport-efficient city support our climate goals? 

Join us for an event that puts the spotlight on the crucial role of freight transport in achieving our climate goals. Together we will explore how a transport-efficient city can contribute to our climate goals through insightful presentations and real-life discussions.

Arranged by: 
CLOSER & Northern LEAD
Buss i rondell på kvällen

The agenda

9.00 Breakfast

9.30 Opening

  • Welcome! -  Ivan Sanchez-Diaz, Northern LEAD and Anna Kristiansson, CLOSER
  • What is transport efficiency? - Kristoffer Skjutare, CLOSER

The New System

  • How can a transport-efficient society be a driving factor in business? - Jon Williamsson, Senior Lecturer Department of Business Administration, University of Gothenburg
  • HITS Future Urban Logistics Scenarios - Elisabeth Hörnfeldt, Innovation & Project Manager and Ewa Sondell, Industrial/Service Design & Project Lead Innovation Office at Scania.
  • The New System dialogue - led by Michael Browne, Professor of Logistics University of Gothenburg

10:45 Pilot demonstrations - What is being tested in reality?

Role of demand management in enhancing efficiency

  • Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0 - How to optimize transportation locally through a citizens' initiative - Jörgen Lööf, CEO, ElectriCITY Innovation
  • How can off-peak and unattended deliveries contribute to a transport-efficient city? - Isabella Sahlbom, Junior Sustainability Project Lead, HAVI

Enabling technology - some perspectives

  • Circular battery flows – Patricia van Loon, Assistant Professor, Supply and Operations Management, Technology Management and Economics, Chalmers 
  • Charging infrastructure supporting a transport-efficient city - how to overcome challenges?
    - Lisa Melander, Assistant Professor, Supply and Operations Management, Technology Management and Economics, Chalmers
  • Enabling the Transition: Assessing Charging Infrastructure Requirements for Battery Electric Long-Haul Trucks in Support of a Transport Efficient City – Sonia Yeh, Full Professor, Physical Resource Theory, Space, Earth and Environment, Chalmers

  • Dialogue - lead by Ivan Sanchez-Diaz, Associate Professor, Service Management and Logistics, Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers


12:20 Lunch

13:20 Deployment and implementation - Examples of how good ideas reach the market

  • Public Procurement - an important piece of the puzzle to reach an efficient freight transportation system – Heini-Marja Suvilehto, Sustainability Specialist, National Agency for Public Procurement 
  • Fossil-free transport in Stockholm City. How public purchasing can be one method to support a transport-efficient city - Kimmy Petersson Strömberg, Regional Logistics Developer – Sweden Elis
  • Climate impact data collection - How a solution can reach market implementation - Atle Andersen, CEO, Kubicom
  • Logistics Services in Arenastaden - Lars Arnell, Site Manager, Urban Services
  • Deployment and implementation dialog lead by Jack Lu, CLOSER 

15:00 End notes, fika & mingle 

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