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Together we electrify Sweden's truck transports!



REEL is a national initiative where leading Swedish actors have joined forces to accelerate the transition to electrified, emission-free heavy transport on our roads. Within the venture, we establish, run and evaluate around 70 different regional logistics flows in varying types of driving assignments. REEL brings together transport buyers, forwarders and distributors, haulage companies, terminal operators, charging point operators, electricity grid companies and suppliers of trucks, charging equipment and management systems. In addition, regions, national authorities and universities participate in this initiative.

REEL receives co-financing from the programme Fordonsstrategisk forskning och innovation (FFI) through Vinnova Energimyndigheten and Trafikverket.

Collected experiences from the project's actors

Take a look at REEL's compiled material, here we describe what the electrified freight transports within REEL are and how they are operated on a daily basis. In the report below, you will also find a compilation of the actors' views on how rules, business models, technology and the people in the system are affected and need to be developed.

Watch the films on why you should electrify your freight transport.

In these films, participants in the project share their experiences of driving food, general cargo, and building & construction transports with battery-electric trucks.


Lyssna till en chaufför - varför borde alla köra elektriskt?

Linda, en kranbilsförare hos Derome, delar med sig av de fördelar som både hon, hennes arbetskamrater och kunder upplever med att välja eldrivna lastbilar.

Collated experiences from project stakeholders


In this report, you can learn about the charging infrastructure solutions that some of the project's stakeholders have developed to facilitate electric transportation.


In the following report, you will find a compilation of the stakeholders' perspectives on how regulations, business models, technology, and individuals within the system are impacted and need to evolve.

Explore REEL's compiled materials; here, we describe the electrified freight transports within REEL and how they are operated on a daily basis.

What is happening within REEL?

Here you can read news and find the events that the project arranges or participates in.

Vy över väg med Öresundsbron i bakgrunden

Vehicles worth fighting for

What makes truck drivers in Malmö fight to operate certain vehicles? The answer is that they are powered by electricity. Falkenklev Logistik and Erikssons Åkeri in Tomelilla are two companies in Skåne...

"REEL & E-Charge in Vinnova Podcast"

"Listen (from the 29th minute) to Nikita Zaiko and Andreas Josefsson as they talk about REEL & E-Charge in Vinnova's podcast: 'On the way to future transportation.'"
Lossning av gods

If you are hesitating to buy an electric truck, don't hesitate too long!

In this film, you can listen to why Martin & Servera and Dagab think it is worth it for more haulage companies to dare to try electrifying their refrigerated and frozen transports. You also get to...
Henrik Lae ICA

ICA invests heavily in electrification

ICA invests heavily in electrification and by 2030 at the latest, all road transport within all ICA Gruppen's Swedish companies must be fossil-free. Meet Henrik Lae, project manager and strategic...

Where in Sweden are the trucks that are driven within REEL?

By clicking on the map, you can get more information about the different logistics flows that are developed, driven and analyzed within REEL. Information on more flows will be published shortly.

What kind of grants can I and my organization apply for?


Through Klimatklivet, you can apply for support for charging solutions and electric trucks.


Through the Climate Premium, you can apply for state support for electric trucks and work machines.

Priority development areas

The parties within REEL work together to develop joint proposals and solutions in a number of areas, which will support Sweden's logistics players in the transition to electrified regional road transport.

CLOSER - REEL - vågskål

Policy, rules- and regulations development

Properly designed policies and instruments can help increase the speed of transformation in the...
Väg i ökenlandskap

Business and financing models

The transformation to electrified road logistics creates a need for and opportunities to change...
CLOSER - REEL - sopgubbar

Work culture and skills gap

The introduction of electrified logistics will affect the people in the system. The work environment...

System architecture, tools and interfaces

Introduction of new technology and new players creates a need to supplement and revise existing...

Related projects

The ideas and objectives of these projects are the result of the work within REEL.

Kvinna laddar ellastbil

Local Energysystems for Electrified Logistic Applications (LEELA)

The project aims to contribute to increasing understanding of how the energy supply for electric heavy vehicles can be secured at various logistics units as the introduction of these vehicles...

Fuel surcharge for electrified heavy-duty truck transports

In the project, four new types of transport series (for each of four geographical electricity areas) using electricity as fuel for heavy transportation, as well as a method for indexing these forward...
Lastbil som laddar

TREE: Transition to efficient electrified forestry transport

TREE addresses the societal challenge of effectively transitioning to electrified heavy road transportation. It focuses on the forestry sector, which constitutes 20% of Sweden's heavy road...


Electrifying heavy long-haul truck transport.

Do you have questions about REEL or how Sweden's vehicle fleet should be electrified?

Nikita Zaiko

Nikita Zaiko

Project manager
Andreas Josefsson

Andreas Josefsson

Project leader
Jessica Björkquist

Jessica Björkquist

Scania Sverige
E-mobility responsibility
Ebba Bergbom Wallin

Ebba Bergbom Wallin

Volvo Lastvagnar Sverige
Commercial Electromobility Manager
Andreas Allström

Andreas Allström

Director of public funding and research collaborations
frances sprei

Frances Sprei

Work culture and skills gap
Magnus Karlström

Magnus Karlström

Policy and rule development as well as Business and financing models
Ted Kruse

Ted Kruse

System architecture, tools and interfaces
Caroline Karlsson

Caroline Karlsson

Communications responsible

Public co-financier

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