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Tre personer samarbetar under en workshop

In the logistics sector, companies face a variety of obstacles and difficulties when it comes to managing and utilizing data effectively. By sharing these challenges with other partners and experts in the field, we can work together towards innovative and sustainable solutions.

We wish to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange by letting our partners describe their specific challenges. Regardless of what you are looking for, we are convinced that sharing these challenges can lead to new ideas, insights and potential solutions. Perhaps you are looking for specific technologies, new collaboration partners or want tips from those who have done something similar before.

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Data Sharing E-Charge

Within the E-Charge project, problems have been encountered in data sharing of large-scale fleet data. Such data is important to enable a full-scale simulation of today's truck fleet to better predict challenges that stand in the way of full electrification of heavy truck transport.




We are looking for: Truck manufacturers and haulage companies

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Filling levels for more efficient and sustainable freight transport in Sweden

The starting point is to obtain relevant standard values to use in energy and emission calculations. In the long run, it is about you being able to get better CO2 reporting, among other things. The average values that are calculated also form an important reference value that you can use to compare the efficiency of your own transport with other players in your industry. In the project, we want to investigate the actual capacity utilization for freight traffic on the Swedish road network and produce an average value for vehicle filling levels. To be able to do this, we need to know how much cargo the vehicles are carrying. We also need to know how far the vehicles move without a load between missions.

We are looking for: Carriers, freight owners, transport orderers

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