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New Chairman of Digitized & Connected Logistics appointed

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Anna Pernestål has been elected new chairman of the focus area Digitized & Connected Logistics. In addition to her new role at CLOSER, Anna works as director of KTH's research center Integrated Transport Research Lab.

We have interviewed Anna to learn more about her and to welcome her to her new role.


Who are you?
-" I am the director of the interdisciplinary research center Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) at KTH, where we work on research on how new technology should be used to create a sustainable and resilient transport system. I have worked at KTH for the past four years, and before that I have 15 years of experience from the transport industry, both trucks and railways. I am convinced that in order to create a sustainable transport system, we need to integrate different perspectives, from AI and technical solutions to business models and service design."

Why is this area so important?
- "Digitization and connectivity that gives access to data opens up huge opportunities, both for new services and for streamlining transport, freight flows and logistics. To take advantage of these opportunities, we need to work together! Otherwise, it will lead to sub-optimizations and we will not be able to realize the potential. A smart and efficient use of digitalisation in freight transport is necessary to meet the sustainability goals!"

What do you look forward to in this role?
- "I especially look forward to meeting all players and to sharing experiences from different perspectives. I look forward to working with CLOSER's members to bring about change, through projects and activities, that will lead to a sustainable transport system."

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