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Digitized & Connected Logistics

Using innovative digital technology, new conditions are being created to enhance the efficiency of the logistics and transport systems of the future. Innovations and effective business models are helping to create a smarter use of resources in today’s infrastructure and the transport system as a whole. 

In the theme area of Digitized & Connected Logistics, CLOSER is driving a number of projects, while at the same time, creating a platform for strategic cooperation. 

Sweden has favorable conditions to become a leader in the ongoing wave of digitization that is occurring in all sectors of society. In the area of transport and logistics, there are major opportunities to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish enterprise using smart digital innovations and increased cooperation through connectivity. At the same time, digital technology can address changed trading patterns and customer and consumer demands related to greater transparency, quality and sustainability. 

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  • Jonas Eriksson
    Project Manager
    Rail, terminals, connected & digitized logistics