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Breakfast webinar - DIGILOG: the Future of Autonomous Transport


Unlock the potential of autonomous transport and explore its transformative impact on urban efficiency. Join us for a one-hour online event organized by DIGILOG through CLOSER, a driving force behind advancements in transportation.

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"Samverkande Autonoma Transporter (SAT)", an initiative funded by Drive Sweden & Vinnova, concluded just a few months ago. This project delved deep into the multifaceted world of autonomous transport, examining its impact on:

  • business models
  • urban development
  • digital collaboration challenges
  • user perspectives
  • transport efficiency.

The canvas for this demo was the Chalmers Johanneberg campus, where the project piloted an autonomous transport system poised to redefine urban mobility.

Watch the presentation that focuses on the effects of automation on transport efficiency. Dive into the study that quantifies freight deliveries and their volumes within the Chalmers campus. The projects engineered an algorithm that orchestrates these deliveries within an autonomous system, optimizing routes while minimizing kilometers driven.

The results offer insights into potential energy savings, the requisite number of robots for efficient parcel distribution, and the intricate dance between passenger and robot demand in shaping autonomous mini-bus routes and schedules.

Our speaker, Ivan Sanchez-Diaz, an Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With a research focus on urban freight and a deep understanding of statistical modeling and optimization, Ivan's work extends across borders, making him a pivotal figure in the transportation industry.

Moderators: Ulrika Holmgren, Project Manager, CLOSER & Per Olof Arnäs, Chairperson, Digilog

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