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Effective, sustained and connected logistics systems

Increased digitalization and connectivity in logistics, as well as the transition to renewable fuels for freight transportation, are the starting points for several feasibility studies now in progress as part of the Government's innovation partnership program for "The Next Generation's Travel and Transport."

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In December 2017, two major initiatives were set in motion, both of which allude to the important conversion to renewable and climate-smart fuels and to the digital, connected logistics systems of the future. The purpose of these initiatives is to promote the work of attaining a more efficient and more sustainable freight transportation system. A total of seven feasibility studies was carried out until the summer of 2018, in two main areas:

  • Digitized and connected logistics systems
  • Logistics solutions that speed up the transition to a sustainable transportation sector

The venture comprised of SEK 11.7 million in total; half of the money was from Vinnova (Sweden's innovation agency) and the Swedish Transport Administration, and the other half from the 26 project participants in the business sector, academia, and the public sector.

Click below to read the final report (in Swedish)

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