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Toward greener transport corridors – final spurt for SWIFTLY Green

At a conference in May 6, a discussion was conducted on the formation of European corridor networks with a focus on the ScanMed corridor that extends through Sweden. The conference was arranged to hone and define the process for the establishment of efficient transport corridors through Europe.
Ingemar Moen, Project Manager, Closer, Lindholmen Science Park

One of the organizers of the conference was the SWIFTLY Green project, which focuses on green and sustainable aspects in conjunction with the establishment of these corridors. The project is coordinated by Closer at Lindholmen Science Park and the project manager is Ingemar Moen.

“The end-product of SWIFTLY Green is intended to serve as a tool box that will assist stakeholders in countries along the corridor to ensure optimal transport efficiency from a financial, environmental and social perspective,” says Ingemar Moen.

The tool box was unveiled for the first time at the conference in Malmö and Ingemar Moen eagerly anticipated how it would be received by the conference participants.

“It is crucial to receive swift feedback from industry representatives across Europe to ensure that we have the right focus, are progressing in the right direction and are specific in terms of the tools we offer.” 

The project is currently in an intensive phase and this will continue throughout the summer until the autumn, when the final conference will be held in Brussels, and the feedback received during the conference has already found its way into the project.

“It’s important that the work we are doing creates the best possible platform for new advances and further development, even after the project has reached its conclusion,” relates project manager Ingemar Moen.

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