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StationCDM facilitates collaboration between parties within rail transport.

The purpose of StationCDM is to create a railway-modified version of CDM (Collaborative Decision Making). By using time stamps in real-time, StationCDM contributes to an effective communications structure between partners and the time stamps prevent decision-making based on incorrect information.

The preliminary study argued that StationCDM should take place in the form of a demonstration project that can serve as an example for other railway stations throughout Sweden. In order to implement StationCDM, the parties that are involved must work at or in connection with Stockholm Central Station. Before a successful launch of StationCDM can take place, a digital collaboration must be established along with a physical collaborative arena. This has been established to a certain extent by the preliminary study, but must be complemented with new partners.

StationCDM has the ambition of enabling information sharing between participants within railway transport. The digital collaboration will then fulfil an important function, because it contributes to simplified communication of potential changes between partners in the collaboration. By using time stamps, StationCDM can also help to ensure that the correct situational status is communicated. This feasibility study has a goal of delivering a concrete proposal for a subsequent demonstration.

-" The StationCDM project demonstrates the major potential offered by this solution and it will be exciting to proceed with it and see what it can mean for a hub for cargo traffic," says Jonas Eriksson, project manager at CLOSER.

The project was financed by the Swedish Transport Agency and project partners include SJ, Jernhusen, ISS, RISE and CLOSER.