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The Logistics Pod is streaming live about the future of logistics

On 7 February, Per Olof Arnäs was introduced on the Logistics Pod's live broadcast of Bo Hallams of Nowaste Logistics AB & Steerlink Partners, Lina Olsson of CLOSER and Julian Lee of Airmee. There will be variation with veteran logistics experts together with hot challengers, all with a clear vision of remaining a step ahead in development. Today, several companies are behind in terms of digital development and it takes courage to dare to go digital.

On 7 February, Per Olof Arnäs, logistics researcher at Chalmers, is coming to Logistics & Distribution and the Malmö Trade Fair to stream his popular logistics podcast live. The discussion will cover logistics of the future with a focus on the digital development of logistics and what is happening in the market right now. Impressive guests will take their place on the scene and logistics is taking its place in the limelight.

'In our roll as the spider in the network at CLOSER, we can say that the sector is essentially still largely manual - there are areas where workshops are needed as pilot projects for learning and daring to implement new solutions. The potential is enormous and at the same time it is an extremely complex area where there is a demand for national and international cooperation and common understanding for challenges and potential solutions alike,' says Lina Olsson.

To avoid falling behind the technology, companies must embrace digitalisation and, rather than seeing it as an obstacle, consider it a positive opportunity which can have a positive influence on both people and the environment.

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