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DenCity – the project with solutions for sustainable growth

What should passenger transport and logistic services look like in our growing cities? We still want to see the clear blue sky, order our groceries on the net and get them delivered in a sustainable manner without the salad having wilted.

DenCity is a project that develops innovative solutions for the sustainable mobility of persons and goods in congested city areas. DenCity’s consortium meeting has just been held and there is a flurry of activity in all of the project’s seven sub-areas.

Volvo is in the process of developing a zero-emission truck for grocery deliveries that will be demonstrated together with Coop and Schenker during 2018, and already at the end of March this year, both package and waste deliveries will be tested on Gothenburg’s waterways. Postnord is cooperating with several other project partners on how home deliveries can be further optimized and they will test a smart “package manager” along with new services that are being developed in the project.

“The project is unique, as we are developing specific solutions as well as establishing how they will work together so that the services will be user-friendly for us inhabitants,” says Lina, Project leader of CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park.

The project is a collaboration between the business sector, academia and society which is ongoing from 2015 to 2018. It is led by CLOSER, the national arena for collaboration in transport efficiency.

Approximately SEK 20 million will be invested in the project, with half financed by Sweden’s innovation agency, Vinnova, and the remainder by the participating partners.
Read more about the project and its participants here

 Lina Olsson, Projectleader DenCity at CLOSER vid Lindholmen Science Park

Martin Svanberg, SSPA

Sönke Behrends Chalmers & Mia Edström Stadsbyggnadskontoret Göteborg 

Linda Andersson, Ramböll & Magda Collado, RISE Viktoria