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CLOSER programme manager met with transportation ministers in Lyon

Sweden Day was arranged during the SOLUTRANS international show for road and urban transport solutions in Lyon on November 21-22. The arrangers were the Embassy of Sweden in France and Business Sweden. One of the speakers at the conference was Sofie Vennersten, Programme Manager of CLOSER, the national forum in transportation efficiency at Lindholmen Science Park.

"There is a great deal of interest in France in how we Swedes collaborate around transportation issues, that this occurs with a large amount of social breadth.  Cooperation with the business sector, universities, and the public sector is natural for us, and the French would like to learn more about that," Sofie Vennersten says.

In tangible terms, it could be a question of emphasizing the importance - alongside technological development - of also working with regulations, business models, and behavioral issues. It is important that the community prepare itself for new transportation solutions early on in the planning stages. For example, one new behavioral pattern that is impacting freight transports is increasing e-commerce.

Sweden and France have initiated cooperation at the governmental level in order to develop green innovations; the latest manifestation is an agreement signed by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and French President Emmanuel Macron in Gothenburg on November 17. Swedish Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth and French Minister in charge of Transport Elisabeth Borne took part in the event in Lyon.