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Climate friendly city logistics in the Nordics

Visual Arena, Lindholmspiren 5, Göteborg & Online

CLOSER and the Swedish Transport Administration invite you to participate in the conference: Climate friendly city logistics in the Nordics.

Arranged by: 
Trafikverket och CLOSER

Within the framework of the projects DenCity and Attractive and climate-smart transport in the cities, both with a focus on climate-smart and sustainabla mobility in the dense city, we want to invite you to a two-day online seminar that will be characterized by exciting lectures held by researchers and other experts.

The focus will be on showing best practice from the various Nordic countries - solutions that aim to contribute to sustainable urban development in Nordic cities and metropolitan regions.  Three main scenes will be addressed during the two days. 

  • How do we address freight transports in the urban planning process?
  • How can we utilize co-loading for increased transport efficiency?
  • How can we utilize the urban waterways?




The challenge of achieving climate friendly city logistics
Michael Brown, Gothenburg University


Freight logistics in the urban planning process

Freight logistics in the urban planning process

Magnus Jacobsson, Boverket


Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans in Norway

Olav Eidhammer, Institute of Transport Economics


Urban logistics as a tool for a sustainable city
Staffan Bolminger, FOG

Smart emission free city logistics in Tampere
Jukka Pellinen, Tampere University of Applied Sciences


Urban Waterways

Waste on water
Peter Årnes, Department for Sustainable Waste and Water, City of Gothenburg
Spyros Ntemiris, Urban Transport Administration, City of Gothenburg
Martin Svanberg, SSPA AB


What opportunities do urban waterways offer for city logistics?
Walther ploos van Amstel, Amsterdam University

The potentials and barriers of using seas for construction materials
Anna Fredriksson, Lindköping University


Consolidation in urban freight logistics

Urban consolidation for sustainable cities
Louise Larsson, Älvstranden Utveckling


Oslo City Hub
Tale Ørving, Institute of Transport Economics


Älskade stad / Elskede by
Erik Wastesson, Ragn-Sells AB


Supply chain, digitalization and sustainability at Södertörn
Olof Bohlin, Upphandling Södertörn


Panel discussion


The conference will be held in English, and will be avalible as an online seminar.