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Train of vehicles on the road - High Capacity Transport (HCT)

Meeting room Starboard/Port, Dockplatsen 26, Malmö

In January, it is time for the next freight network meeting, which this time has the theme of transport efficiency.

Arranged by: 
Region Skåne
daniel moback

Freight network meeting with the theme of transport efficiency

The purpose of the freight network is the exchange of knowledge and experience in freight transport and logistics, and all professionals can become members. The property network is a collaboration between Region Skåne and Region Blekinge.
The goal of the ongoing transition is a sustainable transport sector. One of the keys to achieving the goal is to work for a transport-efficient transport system. In this way, we can achieve both climate and environmental improvements as well as better economics.
We will meet in Malmö during the afternoon and after an introduction to the subject will hear more about practical experiences with longer vehicles and ships. The day ends with a panel discussion on the day's theme.

One of the measures for better transport efficiency is to use longer vehicles, High Capacity Transport (HCT). The current project HCT Duo Demo investigates how a long train of vehicles on the road can optimize last-mile transport, how it affects the entire transport chain (economic and environmental sustainability) and how safety is for unprotected road users.

Daniel Moback gives us a picture of how HCT as part of the freight chain can contribute to achieving precisely these benefits and what answers the HCT Duo Demo project can provide. The project is run by Region Örebro County with support from Closer.

Daniel Moback, Focus area manager Long-distance transport, Closer