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Sustainable Urban Freight - from research to reality!


Welcome to sign-up for this webinar where researchers involved in the HITS project will present and discuss midterm research results on the topic of Sustainable Urban Freight developments and how new solutions can be implemented in Stockholm. 

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Bilden föreställer en lastbil där en person håller på att lasta av matvaror

The meeting will focus on four aspects:   

  • System-level aspects when introducing new urban logistic concept
  • Innovative vehicle concepts for urban logistics
  • Logistics patterns and travel demand case studies in Stockholm
  • Logistic performance case studies in Stockholm

The meeting will be moderated by Dr. Peter Georen, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL)


14:00 Opening presentation of "HITS project and research overview by coordinator Dr. Peter Georen, KTH
14:10 Keynote: Sustainable Urban Freight- Learnings from years of work in the Netherlands, Birgit Hendricks, CEO Eco2City
14:40 Freight Distribution Travel Demand Assessment - Arenastaden Study Case, Dr. Helry Dias, KTH
15:00 Urban freight sustainability performance and improvement potential – Stockholm city NoHa area case study, Dr. Sebastian Bäckström, IVL

15:20 Short break

15:30 A Comparative study between Emerging and Conventional Heavy-duty Road Transport Vehicles in Urban Logistics, RaphaelAndreolli, PhD-student KTH/Scania
15:50 City hubs system dynamics model - A case study in Stockholm, Claudia Andruetto, PhD-student, KTH
16:10 Panel discussion with: Read about the panel below.

  • Birgit Hendriks - CEO and co-founder of Eco2city
  • Henrik Gillström - Assistant university lecturer, Logistics and quality development
  • Magnus Blinge - Senior researcher, Innovation office Scania
  • Michael Browne - Professor of logistics and urban freight transport, University of Gothenburg
  • Patrick Hirsch, Assoc. Professor of Institute of Production and Logistics at University of Vienna

16:40 General discussion and concluding remarks
17:00 End of meeting

Contact: Peter Georen, KTH 

About the panel

Birgit Hendriks is cofounder and CEO of Eco2city. Eco2city aims at reducing negative impact of urban freight traffic by inventing and implementing new concepts on city logistics. Right now she's working on establishing a circular city logistic hubs. The goal is to create zero emission city logistics for the first and the last mile of freight, combined in one route to avoid empty driving and optimize the use of electric vehicles.

Henrik Gillström is a logistic researcher that targets sustainability og logistics systems. Focus of his research has been intersection between urban logistcis and business models, customer requirements, value creation and stakeholder perspectives.

Magnus Blinge is Research Manager for the area Future Transport Systems at the Innovation Office at Scania CV with a focus on Urban logistics. He is also appointed to the European technology platform ALICE working group on Urban Logistics as Vice Chair. Magnus also holds a position as Adjunct Professor of Sustainable Logistics at Linköping University, Sweden. 

Michael Browne research focus is urban logistics and he provides academic leadership of the Urban Freight Platform a University of Gothenburg and Chalmers initiative supported by the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations. He is committed to engaging industry and policymakers with the research community on the interaction between urban goods transport and future city planning.

Patrick Hirsch is deputy head of the Institute of Production and Logistics and co-founder of the software company ingentus decision support KG, which develops customized optimization solutions for its customers.  He is currently leading the international research project Awakening Sleeping Assets (ASAP), which collects and evaluates new concepts for city logistics.

Visit the Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) event page for more information!