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Customised packaging - Unique and winning innovation

The winner of the Fossil Free Freight Challenge 2020 innovation competition has now been selected. The winning entry is a solution to ensure that not only is there less air and filler material in the e-commerce packaging, but also that more parcels can be transported in the same shipment. The purpose of all of this is to leave the smallest possible fossil footprint.
Per Hallendorff and Mathias Bransmo, CEO of Kvadrat Jönköping. (Per with box under arm to demonstrate current problems)

Fossil Free Freight Challenge 2020 is the innovation competition that will help minimise the fossil footprint left by e-commerce.

The consulting firm that won, Kvadrat, developed a product called the binary box. 

- "With the binary box we make it possible for e-commerce companies to adapt their packaging to their content and then create it themselves. It is a unique solution that no-one has developed before," says Per Hallendorff, Kvadrat project manager and innovator behind the idea.  

The basic idea is the possibility of creating a package in any size you want without cutting off packaging material.

Decreased fossil footprint
Kvadrat's innovation is a package that will be developed on site at every e-retailer and will be optimised to its content on every individual occasion. 

- "With this solution there will be less material for packaging and filling material, but also less air in the package," Per explains. 

It is also gives the customer the benefit of not having to bring home large packages and a lot of filling material that you then have to throw away.

Per explains that he has spoken with DHL and they see a lot of potential in the binary box. Since they are already running shipments at maximum capacity, they see that the binary box makes it possible to fit more goods in their shipments and thus decrease the impact on the environment. 

The future
With the backing of the jury, Kvadrat is now looking ahead.  They will continue to develop their product with their winnings, which come in the form of project financing worth SEK 300,000 within Triple F. 

Team Kvadrat addresses the criteria of the competition with a clear focus on sustainability!  Their solution comes at the right time with a good level of innovation and great business potential. We in the jury believe that Team Kvadrat can get up and running quickly with a clear solution to a clear problem in e-commerce!

- "We will first need to develop a machine that can produce the binary box, and in a second step we also need to review the software for optimisation that can be adapted to production programmes and stock levels at the e-retailer. Last but not least, a picking robot is needed. It may, of course, turn out different, but this is roughly how we see the development of the binary box going forward within the framework of the Triple F project," Per concludes. 

All entries to the competition were presented during the finale on 4 May 2020. Their presentations can be found here