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Recycling Barge Popular among Gothenburg Residents

There is great interest now that the recycling barge is available in the central parts of Gothenburg along the river. Over the last weekend of September the barge was visited by more than 600 people at the station near Eriksbergstorget alone, and it also stops at Sannegårdshamnen, Stigbergskajen, Rosenlund and Stenpiren.

The recycling barge is part of the DenCity project, which develops innovative solutions for sustainable and area-efficient public transportation and freight transport in dense cities and contributes primarily to the societal challenge of sustainable cities and societies.

"There was a total of 620 visitors the weekend of 28-29 September when the recycling barge docked at Eriksbergstorget and there were more than 300 visitors on the weekend before when it docked at Sannegården. Now we hope for as many visitors in the coming weekends on the south bank of the river near Stigbergskajen on 6/10 from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm and Rosenlund/Masthuggskajen on 12-13/10 from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm," says Andreas Josefsson, DenCity Project Manager at CLOSER. 

"The barge draws people of all ages and has proven to be greatly appreciated by older people who might normally have difficulty getting to a recycling centre," continues Andreas Josefsson.

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