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The FR8RAIL III EU project is now underway

FR8RAIL III is an innovation project within Shift2Rail, designed to further develop railway technologies in order to achieve the objectives highlighted in Shift2Rail’s strategic plan.
Foto: Anna Björkman

FR8RAIL III began in September 2019 and will be running until August 2022 with a budget of EUR 13M. The project comprises six work packages that are focused on various aspects of the rail freight ecosystem aimed at improving and increasing the competitiveness of the rail transport sector.

CLOSER will be contributing to the project by not only assisting with neutral and independent management and the facilitation of research and innovation, but also by making the results more inclusive outside of Shift2Rail and helping outsiders gain a better understanding of the results and the opportunities that the results of FR8RAIL III will realise.

Some of the general project objectives include:

  • Promoting the active participation and close involvement of all the relevant stakeholders from across the value chain of the rail sector
  • Playing a key role in rail-related research and innovation and ensuring coordination between the projects
  • Developing demonstration projects in interested member countries, including those that do not currently have established railway systems

For more information about FR8RAIL III

Anna Björkman, CLOSER
+46(0)73 252 11 36