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How we can make construction logistics stakeholders work closer together

måndag, mars 14, 2022

Nearly half of the transported goods to and from a city is material going to and from a construction site. At each construction site there is a large amount of different actors that all want to have their say in regards to the logistics. Within the Mimic project we have looked at how we can improve logistics solutions at construction sites.

One finding is that it is difficult to gather these different actors and to get them to share problems and solutions with each other. We have therefore within the MIMIC project created two games that can solve this problem. 

One board game to make the different actors sit down together and see how they can solve both their own but also other stakeholders problems to get better logistics at the constructions site, and to get a more sustainable environment in the city centre. The role-play game, or the Mega game as it is called, is created to solve the same problem, where the participants take on the roles of different stakeholds at the site. 

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