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Cross-border knowledge-sharing to reduce CO2 emissions

tisdag, oktober 11, 2022

High-Capacity Transport (HCT) refers to transporting things longer and/or heavier than current regulations allow. Increased use of HCT vehicles would increase energy efficiency and thereby reduce CO2 emissions. An important part of the development of HCT-vehicles is the exchange of ideas and knowledge, which the Nordic network did at last week's conference.  


On the 6th of October the Nordic HCT Conference took place at Lindholmen Science Park. Participants from the industry, academia and society gathered both physically and digitally to take part in the latest developments in research, experiences from tests and implementation of HCT-vehicle in the Nordic region. In this article, you will find the recorded version of the conference, some highlights and the PowerPoint presentation

The conference was characterized by its international outlook and knowledge sharing across borders. Each Nordic country held a presentation where knowledge and insights were shared. Moreover, Steve Phillips, Secretary General, CEDR (Europes Road Administrations organisation) and Aurora Garcia de Sandoval, European Commission both held speeches and discussions at this year's conference.

“I think that this year had a very good mix of presentations from more overview speeches from our keynote speakers to the sessions where we got more detailed knowledge of ongoing technological developments. 

One important quote for me was when Aurora talked about “Modal cooperation” because all modes need to cooperate if we wish to use our transport system in the best way. Another thing I take with me is that Steve mentioned that CEDR Priority for 2023 is logistics.“

 – Thomas Asp, Closer, Lindholmen Science Park & Trafikverket.

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Besides information from each Nordic country, two sessions were held

  • more efficient transport in cities 
  • alternative fuels for heavy vehicles.

Another big topic from the Swedish side was that last year the government decided that 34.5 m vehicles may be allowed from 2023-08-31.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the conference both physically and digitally. We were very happy to see every engaged discussion, questions and good presentation about HCT. Hope to see you again next year! 

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33,5 meter lång lastbil utanför falköping

High Capacity Transport (HCT)

En utökad användning av HCT-fordon skulle höja energieffektiviteten och därmed minska CO2-utsläppen samt höja kapaciteten i infrastruktursystemet. CLOSER ansvarar för ett FoI-program som kallas HCT...
Fotografi på man i skjorta, leer och har en röd industriell bakgrund.

Thomas Asp

High Capacity Transport (HCT)
HCT - High CapacityTransport