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Nordic HCT Conference 2020

Introduction, Thomas Asp, CLOSER

Aeroflexproject, Next Generation of Long Distance Road Transport, Ben Kraaijenhagen, MAN, and Karel Kural, HAN University


What challenges in the freight transport area does ACEA see for Europe / EU, Thomas Fabian, ACEA


What is happening within HCT in each Nordic country, Vesa Männistö, Trafikledsverket Finland, Elin Norby, Vegvesendet Norge, Martin Frimann Mortensen, Vejdirektoratet Danmark, Kenneth Natanaelsson, Trafikverket.


How to have efficient and climate-friendly road transport, Jørn Arntsen, Vegvesendet Norge


Opportunities and problems with cross-border transport - Scania's Transport Lab project, Jan Björklund and Mikael Sterky, Scania and Finn Bjerremand, DTL


HCT trials in the Finnish timber transportation, Pirjo Venäläinen, Metsäteho


HCT traffic volumes in Finland, Otto LahtiMetsäteho


Operating with several different HCT trucks, Karri Koramo, Kantola Koramo


A-double performance calculator in Finnish legislation, Otto LahtiMetsäteho


HCT City reduces congestion and emissions, Ann Segerborg Fick, Ecoloop


Intermodal arrangement for wood chip transports Nykvarn -Södertälje harbor, Olle Ankarling, Söderenergi


Horizontal collaboration regarding open traffic system in the HCT perspective, Sara Thiel, Borås Stad