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Transport Area of Advance Initiative Seminar 2015

6 oktober 2015 09:00 till 16:00
Lindholmen Conference Center, Gothenburg
It is time for this year's Initiative Seminar held by Chalmers Transport Area of Advance.

Initiative seminar theme: 
Boundary crossing transport research


Date/time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., 6th of October
Place: Lindholmen Science Park Conference Centre

Key note speaker: Karin Svensson Smith

Session before lunch: Urban Mobility Challenges

Automated transport systems – Developments of research infrastructures and major projects including Drive Me, Drive Sweden, ReVeRe, Astazero and the Campus Shuttle Project.

Urban transport – Research in collaboration on Urban Form, Urban Freight and patterns of vehicle uses including Mobility as a service.

The list of speakers and panellists include: Lars Mårtensson, AB Volvo, Muhammad Ali, Volvo Cars, Peter Öhman, Lindholmen Science Park, Christian Berger and Mike Browne, University of Gothenburg, Lars Marcus and MariAnne Karlsson, Chalmers, Anders Brännström, Volvo Research and Education Foundations.


Session after lunch: Long distance transport challenges

How is KNEG progressing?
Electrofuels for the future – Audi’s perspective
A systems perspective on High Capacity Transport
Developments in transport service procurement
Fuels in shipping
Supply chain finance 
Fossil free transport in Sweden – have good ideas fallen between chairs?

The list of speakers and panellists include: Irene Bernald, Audi, Emeli Adell, Trivector, Jakob Lagercrantz, Fores, Lars-Göran Malmberg and Ted Lindblom, University of Gothenburg, Karin Andersson and Frances Sprei, Chalmers.

The Initiative Seminar is limited to 150 attendants. The seminar is free but an administrative fee of SEK 500 will be incurred if you register and not show up. You can pass your registration on to a colleague.

Updated program and registration 

Last day to register: 27 september