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Seminar on High Capacity Transport (HCT) –Access, Monitoring, Compliance and Smart Mobility solutions

31 maj 2018 09:30 till 17:00
Pikseli, Jämsänkatu 2, Helsinki
To get an overview of what is going on in this specific field in different countries - research, pilots and tests, new legislation etc. - OECD/ITF and Trafi, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, are inviting you to this seminar on HCT – Access, Monitoring, Compliance and Smart Mobility solutions.

Selectively matching vehicle access to infrastructure, monitoring of weights and routes as well as compliance of regulations are crucial and important issues when introducing HCT as an efficient and sustainable solution for road freight transport . 

When opening a designated network for heavier and/or longer trucks – crucial questions are e.g. how to : 

  • prevent HCT vehicles destroying the road network and causing accidents by taking shortcuts outside the dedicated network or being overloaded? 
  • monitor the routes, mass and configuration of the vehicles in the road train? 
  • support drivers and enforcement ag encies to achieve a high level of compliance ? 
  • combine infrastructure and vehicle - based monitoring? 

An additional issue is how to develop a legal framework for a vehicle - based telematics system for HCT and to use the system also for other urgent access applications as e.g. walking zones, environmental zones and road charging? 

These issues are dealt with in the OECD/ITF working group on HCT, which will deliver a final report in June this year including a “package for policy makers”. This seminar is one of the WG´s activities. 

Solutions from different countries, ongoing projects , research and pilots will be presented during the day. We will also hear about connected and autonomous vehicles, digitalization and news regarding HCT implementation. 

The seminar is free of charge. Make your registration as soon as possible, but no later than 22 May.

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Arrangeras av OECD/ITF and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency.