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Together for a Transport Efficient Society

CLOSER is a neutral collaboration platform, knowledge node and project workshop for increased transport efficiency and well-functioning logistics. CLOSER's goal is to contribute new solutions to the freight transport system that will support a sustainable society.


Initiative for reduced transport traffic and emissions in Gothenburg's event district

A consortium gathering several stakeholders in the event district (Evenemangsstråket) of Gothenburg has initiated a project to develop and demonstrate a fossil-free and efficient logistics solution for the area. By creating a new type of collaboration for joint distribution, the stakeholders hope to reduce congestion, emissions, and noise to create a more attractive neighbourhood.
Foto på Stockholms stad trafikborgarråd Lars Strömgren samt projektledarna Jack Lu och Felicia Hökars

Dialogue and commitment show the way for efficient freight transport in the Old Town!

There was wide support from various actors and high commitment when the results conference of the prestudy "How do we contribute to the successful introduction of environmental zone class 3 in Old Town?" was carried out.
Tårta från en kick-off med involverade aktörer. På tårtan står det: "Nu samlastar vi!"

Consolidation test aiming for a better street environment

In the area north of Hamngatan in central Stockholm, an in real life test where the goods are collected and driven out by a carrier has recently started. The aim is to reduce the traffic of large vehicles during the day and make it easier for the recipients who receive all deliveries from one carrier at one time.
Kvinna tar foto på personer som står på en scen

Innovation results in freight transport in focus at CLOSER's Results Conference 2024

CLOSER welcomes you to CLOSER's Results Conference 2024. March 21 in Gothenburg will be a meeting place for municipalities, regions, as well as transport and logistics players. Sign up and take advantage of innovation results that you can implement in your organization yourself.

What happens within CLOSER and our partners right now?

What do CLOSER and our partners focus on right now?

CLOSER - ellastbil möter timmerlastbil

What does CLOSER do in energy-efficient & fossil-free freight transport?

CLOSER works together with our partners to speed up the development of and conversion to energy-efficient and fossil-free freight transport. We do this by running projects together with you in...
CLOSER - styr och ställ_människor i rörelse

How do we create logistics in the city on people's terms?

More and more people are moving to our cities, which places demands on an efficient and sustainable supply in the form of packages, food, building materials and efficient return and waste management...

How can long-distance transport become more efficient?

It is important in this regard to utilise the benefits of each individual mode of transport, the correct mode of transport for the correct task. In order to be able to use the most sustainable mode of...
digital bild av lossning vid en terminal

How does digitalisation affect logistics?

CLOSER works within the focus area of Digitalised Logistics to ensure that the industry takes advantage of the opportunities offered by data-driven logistics and digital innovation. Knowledge and...

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