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Smart construction site exits

Person på cykel väntar på att lastbild ska köra förbi

In Gothenburg, a smart zone around a construction exit has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of collisions between heavy vehicles and cyclists.

The safe construction exit was equipped with smart sensors that were connected to a warning system. When a cyclist approached the construction exit at the same time as a heavy vehicle was entering or exiting the construction site, the warning system was activated to alert both the cyclist and the driver of the vehicle.

Latstbil kör på väg och cykel kör på cykelbana brevid

What are the results?

The results show that how the physical environment around the construction exit is designed, including how the warning systems are placed, plays a major role in how cyclists and drivers perceive and manage the traffic situation. Both cyclists and drivers felt that the warning system contributed to a safer construction site exit, while potential to improve the design of the warning system was identified to clarify who the information was aimed at and how road users were expected to act. There is also a need to develop the system design before a smart zone of this kind can be used at construction exits. Another lesson learned from the demonstration is that there are development needs regarding how road signs with variable messages can be used at these types of locations.

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Felicia Hökars

Felicia Hökars

Project leader