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Here you will find reports, roadmaps and other documentation from Closer.

Urban Mobility


  • CIVIC Final report

    CIVIC Final reoprt

    Published 31 August 2018
  • Ring road logistics - efficient use of infrastructure

    Published 30 April 2018
    View (pdf 1.65 MB)
  • Blockchains as a solution for traceability and transparency

    Published 23 February 2018
    View (pdf 3.12 MB)
  • Commercial Feasibility of Urban Waterway Transportation in Gothenburg

    Published 7 August 2017
    View (pdf 2.14 MB)
  • Sustainability criteria for urban freight systems - a case study of DenCity

    Published 31 August 2016
    View (pdf 2.12 MB)
  • Master Thesis Estimating freight deliveries in urban environments - An application to Frihamnen

    Published 25 January 2016
    View (pdf 3.83 MB)


  • Water ways are a resource for transports in dense cities

    Published 16 February 2018

    A test within the project DenCity of the waterways in Göteborg Spring 2017. 

    DenCity develops innovative solutions for sustainable passenger and freight mobility in dense neighborhoods, with high standards of attractiveness, accessibility and sustainability. DenCity stands for radically new thinking and innovative processes for sustainable densification.

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  • DenCity 2027 - Your mobility in the future

    Published 16 February 2018

    The future scenario about DenCity 2027 was developed by RISE as part of the Digitalization Commission's report, Digitalization for a Sustainable Climate. Services and technologies featured in the movie exist today, but are not always commercialized or widely available. The following is a version of how we might use transport in our future cities.

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  • Implementing Inland Waterway Transportation in Urban Logistics

    Published 14 November 2016
    View (pdf 1.71 MB)
  • Urban waterways - Thesis presentation

    Published 10 June 2016
    View (pdf 1.45 MB)
  • Sustainability criteria - Thesis presentation

    Published 10 June 2016
    View (pdf 2.55 MB)
  • Presentation An Impact Analysis of Urban Activity in terms of Goods Transport Operations

    Published 25 January 2016
    View (pdf 726.87 KB)

Intermodal transports & Green Corridors


  • Slutrapport Swiftly Green

    Published 19 October 2017
  • Automatiserade logistiktjänster slutrapport

    Published 9 October 2017
  • Physical internet slutrapport

    Published 6 October 2017
  • GET Greener Report

    Published 7 September 2017
    View (pdf 2.78 MB)