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CDM is a way to facilitate collaboration between various participants within an ecosystem in order to make decisions that are better for all parties. With a common platform, all participants can exchange information in real time and, on the basis thereof, make the most effective decisions that can provide benefits in terms of time, the environment and economically.

Work with CDM has taken place within segments for maritime transportation (Port CDM, part of Sea Traffic Management) and aviation (Airport CDM, coupled to SESAR) where the collaboration between several participants is required. This has contributed to greater punctuality in arrivals and departures and a better overview of positioning, which has increased safety, reduced the effect on the environment and improved efficiency. In addition to shared situation awareness, the concept also comprises common definition of so-called 'states' and process awareness, monitoring of performance and effects by means of common KPIs can be identified based on critical problem areas.

The purpose of this feasibility study is to develop a model of CDM that is adapted for the railway system's junctions. The objective is to deliver a concrete proposal for arrangement of a subsequent demonstration. The next step is to test the concept in a demonstration project. The project is thus aimed at showing how information sharing can facilitate collaboration between the participants working at and utilising the central station. This provides a basis for effective decision-making that is better for all parties and which can generate benefits in terms of time and economically, wherein operators share information about their plans, intentions and positions with each other. More specifically, this feasibility study will identify processes, information integration and forms of collaboration and thereby develop a CDM concept adapted for the railway system's junctions. An example of results which the project will deliver is a map showing coordination points for information sharing between participants. 

The goal of StationCDM is to:

  • Increase information transparency between the participants in the ecosystem. If all participants involved can share intentions with other participants in a structured manner and in a controlled way, problems and detours can be identified earlier and combined with higher passenger satisfaction as a result.
  • Establish better forward planning to react: If, for example, the train traffic situation can foresee upcoming detours in a better way, other modes of transportation (e.g. replacement buses, public transportation, taxis) have a better possibility of informing and avoiding detours in the train system.
  • More precise monitoring and the possibility of analysis of the train station on the ecosystem level. With common KPIs and consideration of the cause/effect of interruptions in the railway system, prioritisations and improvements can be determined to emphasise the areas the provide the best result.
  • Strengthen collaboration between industry, academics and societal participants and public authorities.

A preliminary study was completed in the autumn of 2016 for the purpose of outlining information sharing and multimodal traffic control within aviation, railway, roadway and maritime transportation. The preliminary study was a collaboration between the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration and the Swedish Transport Administration and concluded, among other things that there is good potential for improvement of information sharing between participants and highlighted a few concrete approaches going forward. This work is a result of the preliminary study and involves a Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) system at Stockholm Central Station.

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  • Kristoffer Skjutare
    Project Manager
    Intermodal transport, maritime systems, terminals, information supply and information sharing
  • Jonas Eriksson
    Project Manager
    Rail, terminals, connected & digitized logistics