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Information sharing and multimodal traffic control

Digitalisation of the freight transport system and access to data are a clear trend and driving factor in order to achieve increased transport effectiveness. By sharing information and with multimodal traffic control, collaboration between participants and a better possibility for decision-making adapted to the situation and more effective processes are facilitated. Preliminary studies have been conducted on behalf of and in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration and describe what is done within the modes of transportation of road, rail, aviation and maritime with respect to information sharing and multimodal traffic control, as well as what can be done to develop the field


In order to investigate possibilities of development, the preliminary study highlights, describes and compares state-of-the-art projects at the cutting edge or which are distinguished by ambition with respect to information sharing and collaboration in order to achieve increased effectiveness within the transport sector.

Preliminary studies demonstrate that the various modes of transportation have taken some steps towards making data and information available, but the conditions between modes of transportation also differ in their approach to similar challenges with increased connectivity. Aviation is the mode of transportation that has come the furthest with multimodal traffic control, thanks to the demands on increased airport efficiency and increased transport capacity in airspace. By sharing information and with multimodal traffic control between participants operating at an airport, the time that aeroplanes are on the ground has been reduced and a basis for making better decisions in various scenarios has been created. Information sharing within maritime transportation has improved safety and provided environmental benefits. The Swedish Transport Administration progressed by opening APIs and enabled third-party service development in the train arrivals and departures board, among other things.

All public authorities work with projects that increase availability of data, but there is a general potential for improvement for how the data can be clearer and more accessible to open up opportunities for service developers and integration of information from the public authorities.

The project participants are Viktoria Swedish ICT, CLOSER, Trafikverket, Luftfartsverket, Sjöfartsverket


För mer information om projektet, kontakta:

  • Nicklas Blidberg
    Project Manager (Parental leave)
    Energy supply & Logistics, Railway, Shift2Rail