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Horizontal collaborations for increased transport effectiveness

The project 'Horizontal collaborations for increased transport effectiveness' was created to develop a knowledge base for management of obstacles related to horizontal collaborations with respect to business models and technology. In order to realise this, four Swedish cases were studied within the scope of the project, one of which was a potentially new collaboration between SSAB and ICA to investigate the possibilities of joint loading on the Borlänge-Luleå route. 

The basic idea was that the joint loading would take place by railway with the free capacity connected to SSAB's existing train situation. ICA had used road transport to ship freight to Umeå and, in the event that a shift of ICA's entire flow of goods as a result of the project would take place in the future, it would entail a reduction of about 9000 trailers per year from the road network. 

Horizontal collaborations can produce positive effects for the environment, transport costs and congestions, among other things. By pursuing the development of a new potential horizontal collaboration, the project has the goal of producing and recommending general solutions for overcoming various obstacles to horizontal collaborations. This is expected to contribute to the establishment of more horizontal collaborations in the future. The project was concluded on 15/12/2017. It was financed by the Swedish Transport Administration's research and innovation portfolio and was managed by CLOSER. 


Project participants:
SSAB, ICA, Hector Rail, the Swedish Transport Administration, RISE, VTG and CLOSER

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  • Kristoffer Skjutare
    Project Manager
    Intermodal transport, maritime systems, terminals, information supply and information sharing