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Get Greener

Get Greener is a project that builds on the results delivered within the two previous EU projects GreCOR and SWIFTLY Green. The Swedish Transport Administration, which is financing Get Greener, sees the project as an opportunity to make the most of and develop the results provided within GreCOR and SWIFTLY Green. This involves, in part, looking at how the results can contribute to developing Sweden's transport system in the best manner, as well as using the developed material, which can serve as a valuable basis in the work towards achieving climate goals.

Some 120 measures were developed with SWIFTLY Green with a focus on meeting the EU's climate goals and additional measures were demonstrated in GreCOR. All measures are identified and mapped out based on their high relevance to development of green transport corridors and they have been summarised in a toolbox. The measures are ranked on the basis of three parameters; greening effects, marketability and corridor scope in order to identify measures with high potential. Although all measures in the toolbox are relevant for developing the transport system, the effect on implementation depends on local conditions. Therefore, a measure which has a high ranking and which shows a major impact and easy implementation on one part of Europe may be less suitable for implementation in Swedish conditions or vice versa.

The purpose of Get Greener is to identify measures in the form of 'low-hanging fruit' which can be implemented in the Scandinavian part of the Scan-Med corridor. The structure is based on actual user cases with three modes of transportation that are all intermodal in character. The effects of the measures are analysed as specific measures for the participant case and with respect to the transport corridor as a whole. A reference group will be established to validate the work and ensure competence in all areas.

The goal of the project is to develop various 'packages' of measures that can be implemented within the near future, which can simultaneously contribute to a significantly reduced environmental impact.

The project is financed by the research and innovation portfolio of the Swedish Transport Administration and takes place from August 2016 to March 2017.

Project participants:
Örebro University, CLOSER, Network for Transport Measures (NTM) and the Swedish Transport Administration



  • GET Greener Report

    Published 7 September 2017
    View (pdf 2.78 MB)

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  • Nicklas Blidberg
    Project Manager
    Energy supply & Logistics, Railway, Shift2Rail