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Fossil-Free Freight Challenge 2020

In order to accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions from freight transports, there are several ongoing projects within the Triple F programme. The Fossil-Free Freight Challenge 2020 is one of them. The Fossil-Free Freight Challenge 2020 project mission will be one way, besides the regular process, to become an approved Triple F project.

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The Fossil-Free Freight Challenge 2020 takes place in the growing field of freight transport and goods distribution as a consequence of the digitalisation of commerce. In Sweden, e-commerce has grown by 15% in 2018, with a total turnover of SEK 77 billion. On one hand this highlights the need for e-commerce to meet the buyers’ demands for increased flexibility when procuring products; on the other hand it highlights the increased need and consequences of freight transports. If large scale effect should be achieved in the transformation of goods distribution, novel solutions are required that directly and indirectly contribute to the transition. An innovation contest is a concrete way to stimulate and manage open innovation. This project organises a contest which aims to attract and stimulate innovators and other parties to participate in an innovation contest challenge that will generate novel contributions that adhere to the joint goal of adopting climate smart delivery methods in the field of e-commerce. The Fossil-Free Freight Challenge 2020 will focus on two areas: firstly, the consumer-to-company contact with regards to online purchases; and secondly, the avoidance of unnecessary transportation after the fulfilled delivery to the consumer.


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  • Anders Forsberg
    Project Manager
    Urban mobility, city logistics, smart city, urban development, sustainable freight and transport
  • Anna Björkman
    Project Manager
    Railroad, terminals & connected and digitized logistics.
  • Johan Östling
    Senior Project Manager