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DenCity - Preliminary study

In order to create a sustainable and attractive urban environment, there is a need for well-planned freight transport and public transportation. The Vinnova-financed preliminary study DenCity will investigate how new urban centres make it possible to create innovative transport solutions. The preliminary study took place from 1 January 2015 to 20 August 2015.

A living city is dependent on good accessibility to services, jobs, shops and housing. However, creating this hand-in-hand with sustainable development is a challenge. The trend toward urbanisation is a fact and Sweden is one of the countries with the highest share of the population living in cities. Local public authorities face major challenges with respect to the densification and development of urban centres. Many of the decisions that are made affect freight transport and public transportation in various ways, but not always intentionally. The goal for DenCity is to develop ideas and projects relating to how to provide sustainable public transportation and freight transport in city districts with limited space for vehicles and high demands on sustainable living.

Workshops for the development of project ideas and consortium
The project is managed by Lindholmen Science Park, which coordinates and is responsible for deliveries, results and impact goals. Meetings in the project group will take place regularly for the entire period of the project in parallel with a number of workshops together with key participants in order to develop project ideas as a consortium. 

The project idea for DenCity will be developed and, together with the strengthened consortium, serve as a basis for creating a project plan and application for stage 2.

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