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Illustration of DenCity

DenCity level 2

DenCity develops innovative solutions for sustainable passenger and freight mobility in dense neighborhoods, with high standards of attractiveness, accessibility and sustainability. DenCity stands for radically new thinking and innovative processes for sustainable densification. DenCity is a collaborative project between industry, academia and society. The project is led by the Swedish National Arena for collaboration within transport efficiency, CLOSER, at Lindholmen Science Park.

DenCity's focus

Using appropriately designed sustainable transport, we could build smarter cities that are attractive to live and move in. The project is unique in that it adopts a comprehensive approach to both passenger and freight transport.  

DenCity is looking at innovative types of travel services as an alternative to car ownership. DenCity reviews solutions and services that will be tested under real conditions. For instance, the project will look at the types of services required to solve the puzzle presented by non­ownership of a car. It could, for example, take the form of a new e-commerce service that combines the distribution of parcels with grocery deliveries, or it could involve people being given access to a comprehensive mobility service such as electric­powered bikes and carpools via their landlords. 

The project also considers sustainability, energy efficiency, reduced congestion and noise coupled with a vibrant urban environment should be matched by demands by residents and working people for facilities and delivery services. 

A crucial aspect is to involve the public when designing solutions. In this project are Stockholm and Gothenburg test sites for the future of new transport solutions.


Short summary of DenCity: