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With the goal that every e-commerce delivery in Sweden should contribute to a vibrant society and be sustainable!

E-handel 2021

E-commerce in Sweden is growing by the day. And we need to work together to make Swedish e-commerce more sustainable! A large number of organisations in Swedish commerce have now decided to collaborate around this in an initiative to create more sustainable e-commerce. On the basis of new innovations, we can work together to create an efficient, competitive e-commerce system with no negative impacts on the climate or human health.

E-commerce is complicated but there is a great deal of potential for future development.

ReLog & CLOSER have now brought organisations from society, business and academic together in this Vinnova-funded initiative. The initiative has the aim to ensure that every e-commerce delivery in Sweden will contribute to an active society and be sustainable.



The Swedish Energy Agency new financier - strengthens investment in sustainable e-commerce

ASTER, Alliance for Sustainable E-commerce, was started in the autumn of 2021 with funding from Vinnova and is now receiving increased support from the Swedish Energy Agency. The purpose of ASTER is to enable Sweden to become the first in the world with a competitive, efficient and sustainable e-commerce, by supporting the industry in the work of solve complex sustainability challenges.

Sustainable e-commerce - nothing we compete about

Cooperation within the entire supply chain is the key to more sustainable Swedish e-commerce. "No exceptions, now the industry must work forward and together!". In this interview with Tom Thörnblom, Head of Communications and Sustainability at Lyko, also part of ASTER's steering group, you can read about why sustainability is not something the industry should compete for.

The industry agreement for fossil-free delivery

(Document only available in Swedish)

Here you can find information about the industry agreement from the recorded webinar. (Swedish only)


ASTER - nyckelområden

To be part of the partnership

The Future sustainable e-commerce initiative offers many opportunities! It also means that there are various levels on which you can get involved in the partnership.

As an organisation, you can take an active and leading role of project management in all or parts of the projects. Another way to get involved is to be part of one or two projects by sharing your own specialist knowledge and experience, but, of course, benefit from others. There are no limits, only opportunities. If you do not have the time and resources for this within your organisation - don't worry! You can still play an important part by participating in seminars, events and workshops and be involved in the exchange of knowledge and experience.

A little about how a project concept can develop into a project

  • You and your organisation have an idea, you tell us about the idea and you, or we separate or together to contact the necessary organisations to make it possible.
  • Once the parties who can make it possible to implement the idea have been gathered, we start to collaborate on issues such as the potential budget, level of ambition, objectives and purpose of the project.
  • When this is in place we will help you find a funding option or potential funding you can apply for, as well as ensure that the project has project management.
  • Once we have been granted funding and the project is underway, we will take it from the conceptual stage to testing in a real-life environment!
CLOSER - e-handelsatsningen

The project team from left to right, Felicia Hökars, CLOSER, Klas Hjort & Daniel Hellström, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Josephine Darlington & Anna Björkman, CLOSER

Project selection

The seed

A project idea is submitted that fits into the framework of internal funds. The template is provided by the coordination team after the first discussion.

The application is sent to the steering group

The project idea is specified in an application after discussion with the project coordination.

The application is reviewed by the steering group

To ensure that the project idea is in line with one or more of the investment's 8 focus areas, the application is reviewed by the steering group. The steering group reviews and decides on new applications on a monthly basis.

Project start

A positive decision from the steering group shortly afterwards means project start.

Would you like to be involved?

We must do this together! Do you have a concept or proposal for a project in the area? If so, feel free to send us your application and you will have the possibility of receiving support and joining our collaboration platform on sustainable e-commerce.

Your proposal does not have to be specific or totally prepared, but an idea or outline of a project would be great. It is important, however, that it relates to one or more of the eight key areas previously identified within the initiative. 

I who am applying are:

Project idea

For whom is this a challenge?


"How can e-commerce transport be made more sustainable" is the name of the government assignment that Transport Analysis presented the results for in the autumn of 2020. Vinnova also realised that e-commerce and retail are important areas for a sustainable society in the future. With this insight and to gain a clear picture of the current situation of e-commerce in Sweden, Vinnova launched the Future sustainable e-commerce project, for which ReLog and CLOSER were responsible. The results showed that there was a strong need to develop Sweden's e-commerce in the future and in collaboration with more organisations. 


The funding from Vinnova will last for three years, starting in the autumn of 2021. There will be a total budget of SEK 9 million, of which SEK 6 million has been earmarked for the cooperative project that forms part of the initiative and aims to apply for external funding for large-scale innovation projects.

What projects are in progress?

Here you will find projects that are currently in progress within ASTER. It is currently not possible to participate in the projects, but here you can contact the project manager for more information or flag interest for participating in a follow-up project.

CLOSER - kvinnor samtalar på trappa med laptop


The objective of e-COMSTRAT is to provide new knowledge about how municipalities can achieve an...
Pile of clothes


The feasibility study aims to increase the amount of clothing that is reused in Sweden by...

PayItForward - Digital solutions for increased recycling of textiles

PayItForward is a feasibility study that will investigate the conditions for more efficient e...

Would you like to know more about ASTER or one of our projects?

Josephine Darlington

Josephine Darlington

Project manager
City logistics, e-commerce
Daniel Hellström

Daniel Hellström

ReLog, Lunds Tekniska Högskola
Project leader

ASTER's steering group

Here you can read about who is part of ASTER's steering group but also which organization they belong to and what their area of ​​responsibility is. But most importantly, you can also read what questions are closest to their heart!

Arne B Andersson

Arne Andersson

Svensk Digital Handel
Senior E-commerce advisor
What issue that is closest to my heart is to help develop e-commerce in Sweden to become profitable...
Daniel Benette

Daniel Benett

Dagab Inköp & Logistik AB
Head of Transport Development
Daniel is passionate about helping to deliver Sweden's most sustainable, affordable and modern...
Wictoria Glans

Wictoria Glans

E-Commerce Manager
The questions closest to my heart is the customer focus and customer insights. In order to have...
Naznoush Habashian

Naznoush Habashian

PostNord Sverige
Sustainability manager
I have a strong conviction that regardless of what activities are conducted, one should work...
Johan Hedve

Johan Hedve

Skanska Fastigheter Göteborg AB
Project developer
Johan is passionate about the sustainable distribution system of the future must be integrated in...

Joakim Jägare

Post- och telestyrelsen (PTS)
How should we succeed in contributing to deliveries and transports taking place in a sustainable way...
Elin Larsson

Elin Larsson

Program Manager
How can we live and do business within the boundaries of the planet? We need solutions and...
Åsa Leander

Åsa Leander

Head of Sustainability and Brand Management
The question closest to my heart when it comes to sustainability is about behavioral changes and...
charlotte lorentz hjorth

Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth

Lunds Universitet
Project leader and coordinator
Jag har under många år arbetat i olika konstellationer med att bygga förmåga hos...
Andreas Nets

Andreas Netz

Unit manager and responsible for Sustainable mobility
Andreas is passionate about accelerating the transition to a sustainable society. To succeed...
Christina Thulin

Christina Thulin

Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner
Expert planning and construction
How do we create forms of collaboration and dialogue to build a common understanding of complex...
Tom Thörnblom

Tom Thörnblom

Head of Communications & Sustainability
The transition to fossil-free deliveries, all the way from warehouse to place of delivery. To work...
Leilei Tong

Leilei Tong

Head of Sustainability
We must take our ultimate responsibility for our children and their children to have a good world to...


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