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By consolidating Swedish expertise, CLOSER’s partners can jointly tackle the major challenges facing the transport system.

We are endeavoring to widen the partnership base in CLOSER and attract players from all over Sweden, so that we can create activities and projects nationwide. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, read more here



  • City of Malmö

    Malmö is the commercial centre of southern Sweden and an international city. This is expressed, not least, by the fact that Malmö has 300 000 residents from approximately 170 different nationalities. 

  • Helsingborg kommun

    Helsingborg is one of Sweden's fastest growing cities and, with its strategic location, Helsingborg serves as an important logistics hub. The city has taken the position as an e-commerce center with E-commerce Park, a high density of e-commerce and higher education related to e-commerce, technology development and digitalisation.

  • Region Jönköpings län

    Region Jönköping County's task is to do good things so that those living and working in Jönköping County have a good life, more people choose to settle or travel here and that companies choose Region Jönköping County for establishments and investments.

  • Region Skåne

    Region Skåne is responsible for health care, public transport and sustainable development throughout Skåne. Region Skåne is working to bring the regional perspective into physical planning, in order to strengthen long-term sustainable growth and development.

  • Region Västra Götaland

    Region Västra Götaland’s assignment is to contribute to a thriving Västra Götaland which is a good place to live and work.  We do this within our three areas of responsibility: health care, growth & development and public transport.

  • Region Örebro

    Region Örebro County

    Region Örebro County is a political assembly elected by the citizens. An executive board leads and coordinates Region Örebro Countys activities, first and foremost in the field of the public health care system. Region Örebro County exercise a degree of self government provided for in the Constitution of Sweden.

  • Sundsvall Logistikpark AB

    Sundsvall Logistikpark AB is the municipal company that will coordinate the development of an efficient and sustainable transport hub, with links between road, rail and shipping in the Tunadal-Korsta-Ortviken area. The investment is done together with the Swedish Transport Agency and SCA and is important for both the environment and the region's growth. 

  • The City of Gothenburg

    The city of Gothenburg is growing and developing with the aim of becoming a denser, more sustainable and open city that offers an attractive environment and a rich urban lifestyle. 

  • The City of Stockholm

    Our aim is to continuously develop Stockholm, to be there for its citizens and to make Stockholm Northern Europe's most attractive city for people and businesses looking for high quality of life, financial growth and a vibrant, knowledge-based environment.

  • The Swedish Transport Administration

    The Swedish Transport Administration is the government agency responsible for the long-term planning of the transport system. Trafikverket is also in charge of the state road network and national railway network.

  • Örebro kommun

    Örebro is a beautiful town in the very heart of Sweden. The population of almost 155,000 (2020) makes it the seventh largest town in the country. Among the residents are immigrants from around 165 different countries. With its closeness to Stockholm (200 km), Gothenburg and Oslo (both 300 km) it is a natural logistical centre of Scandinavia. Its attractive position makes Örebro a multifaceted business region and an ideal place for conferences and trade fairs. The infrastructure is good with a Travel Centre for trains and buses as well as Örebro Airport.



  • AFRY

    Afry is an engineering and consulting company with assignments in the energy, industrial and infrastructure sectors, creating progress for our clients since 1895. By connecting technologies we provide profitable, innovative, and sustainable solutions to shape the future and improve people’s lives. Building on our strong base in Europe, our business and clients are found all over the world.

  • CargoSpace24

    Moving things and products is everyone's everyday life and has been going on since ancient times and then had their problem. In today's modern society, new logistical problems have emerged and these are the environment, traffic congestion, driver shortages and separate "congestion" problems. This chain is now on the way to being solved with the cicular economy and services like CS24. We create the conditions for the digital logistics chain in a platform. CS24 is the bridge between transport and buyers to secure information such as Co2 accounting, the nearest vehicle for a contract that is matched with a vacant vehicle and information about vehicles and driver status that drivers have not driven for many days in Sweden (cabotage) and are insured etc.. All this to do is order the responsibility correctly and safely.

  • Coop

    KF is the parent company of KF Group where Coop's grocery retail trade constitutes its core business. Coop operates grocery retail shops in chains like Coop Forum, Coop Extra, Coop Konsum and Coop Nära. Together with the retail consumer cooperative societies, Coop accounts for 21.5 percent of the entire Swedish grocery retail sector.

  • DHL

    DHL is present in over 220 countries and territories across the globe, making it the most international company in the world, with more than 325,000 employees. DHL is part of the world’s leading postal and logistics company Deutsche Post DHL Group, and encompasses the business units DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight and DHL Supply Chain.

  • Dokiv

    Dokiv offers innovative cloud-based system solutions that effectively help companies in logistics & transportation work digitally and scale away unnecessary manual administration. Dokiv's strength is that the focus is on building smart, consultant-independent solutions with minimal start-up and learning process, which means that even the most economically and time-pressed companies can take advantage of all the benefits of digitalization.

  • Einride

    Einride is a startup in the electromobility space combining development of a cabless, autonomous electric truck (the Einride Pod) with development of a software platform for transport ordering, planning, execution and insights (the Einride Freight Mobility Platform). The solution provided by Einride is designed to address the major challenges currently facing the transport industry: reliance on fossil fuels, system-level inefficiencies and – increasingly – capacity constraints due to a shortage of truck drivers. Today, Einride has several customers and started operation with conventional electric trucks during the autumn 2020.

  • GLC - Göteborgs Lastbilscentral

    GLC is one of the strongest transport companies in Western Sweden and has approximately 350 vehicles and 400 people in the business. GLC works mainly in the more qualified parts of the transport sector; thermo & distribution, construction & sanitation, heavy & special transports and moving & storage services. GLC also gives you access to other services, such as a large, modern and well-located cold store.

    GLC is the overall supplier that is one step ahead, and is the natural choice for anyone looking for sustainable quality and good business in transport and logistics. 

  • greencarrier-logo


    Greencarrier is one of the Nordic region's largest privately owned transport companies specializing in global logistics solutions. With 800 employees and offices in 12 countries, it works in two business areas: Greencarrier Freight Services and Greencarrier Liner Agency. With personal commitment, we offer smart and sustainable transport solutions all over the world.

  • Koucky & Partners

    Koucky & Partners is a consultancy firm specialising in sustainable transport and positioned where traffic and the environment meet. Koucky & Partners combine academic qualifications with applied experience and an understanding of the practical challenges the clients face with the goal is to help the clients meet and exceed their goals. Our focus is sustainable mobility and the convergence of transportation and the environment. 

  • Kubicom

    Kubicom is a digital platform for handling machine, transport and installation work. The platform connects customers and suppliers in a coherent digital information chain and makes it easy for you to handle all the administrative steps and tasks that arise during a day in the industry. Choose between working on your computer directly through the web interface or opening up the app in your mobile device, with Kubicom you can easily document and report digitally!



    MOVEBYBiKE currently operates city logistics in a number of cities in Sweden, including Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, where the company was founded in 2012. MOVEBYBiKE is growing every year with increasing e-commerce and rising environmental awareness. By utilizing large electrically assisted cargo bikes and the dual infrastructure of streets and cycleways, we surpass trucks and couriers with over 50% in delivery efficiency “last mile”. We transport more than vans but without emissions and noise, with less congestion, 90% lower energy consumption and a safer urban environment. MOVEBYBiKE also has its own development and manufacture of large cargo bikes in the subsidiary Starke Cycles.

  • Postnord

    PostNord is the leading provider of communications and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region. With a unique distribution network and innovation, Postnord develops options for tomorrow's communications, e-commerce, distribution and logistics in the Nordic region.

  • Scania

    Scania is a global company with a sales and service organisation in more than 100 countries. Aside from sales and services, Scania offers financial services in many markets. Scania’s production units are located in Europe and Latin America.

  • Schenker AB

    DB Schenker stands for the transportation and logistics activities of Deutsche Bahn. The Logistics sector of DB is the world’s second largest transportation and logistics services provider based on revenues and performance.

    With around 2,000 locations in all of the world’s most important economic regions, DB Schenker has a global network geared toward customer service, quality and sustainability. 

  • Sebratec

    Sebratec is a company specialized at advanced software development and AI with expertise in embedded systems, design, user experiences and development of mobile solutions. 

  • Skanska

    Skanska is one of the world's leading project development and construction groups, concentrated on selected home markets in the Nordic countries, other European countries and in North America.

  • SSPA

    Effective transport solutions, low fuel consumption, clean and vital coastal zones. SSPA create value for our customers through sustainable, innovative, and world leading maritime solutions. In theory and in practice. From research to implementation. Today and tomorrow.

  • sweco logo


    Sweco is the leading architecture and engineering consultancy in Europe. Their 14,500 engineers, architects and environmental experts plan and design the communities and cities of the future.

    Sweco approach small analytical assignments and major design assignments with the same high level of commitment and recognised expertise. Sweco carries out tens of thousands of assignments each year in around 70 countries across the globe.

  • Swerock

    Swerock is one of Sweden's largest suppliers of materials and services for the construction industry. The offer includes concrete, gravel and rock crushing, transportation and construction machinery as well as environmental services such as recycling and land reclamation.

  • Technolution's logotype.


    Technolution is an independent project-oriented engineering company within technical automation providing user-friendly innovations. Technolution is active in mobility, industry, energy and safety & security. In mobility, our smart solutions becomes cooperative solutions and ITS becomes C-ITS. Here, our systems, together with advanced maps and roadside infrastructure, allow autonomous vehicles to find its way among traditional vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in an urban landscape. 

  • Toyota Material Handling

    Toyota Material Handling Europe is part of Toyota Industries Corporation, which is active in 5 regions in the material handling industry. Together with Toyota Material Handling International, North America, China and Japan we strive to optimise our customers’ operations with our material handling equipment under the brands of TOYOTA, BT, RAYMOND and CESAB.

  • TRB

    TRB Sverige AB is an industry company within the transport industry, which is owned by about ten major transport and logistics companies around Sweden. Together, TRB's co-owner companies turn over just over SEK 9 billion and have nearly 6,000 vehicles and work equipment. The TRB network jointly operates more than 100 fuel plants, with a strong focus on offering several renewable fuels for conversion to more environmentally and climate-smart transport. With knowledge as a driving force, TRB focuses on fuel, environment and road safety. An increasingly important task for TRB is to support the partner companies with expertise and cutting edge knowledge in a number of different areas. Therefore, we are well versed in the research and development conducted in, for example, environmentally-friendly fuels and road safety.

  • Triona

    Triona is a leading and reliable supplier of innovative IT solutions that combines industry-specific competence and skills in transport infrastructures, traffic, transports, forest industry and energy-/automotive industry. It is within these areas we create efficient solutions that help our customers reach their goals. Our mission is to create efficient, sustainable and safe flows of data, energy, goods and people.

  • Trivector

    Trivector is a consulting and development company with a total of about 100 employees, distributed in our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund, and in three companies; Trivector Traffic, Trivector LogiQ and Trivector System. Trivector Traffic's missions is all aimed at contributing to a more sustainable transport system. Important areas for us include sustainable urban development and sustainable freight and passenger transport. Within the freight area, we work to include goods in urban planning, joint loading projects, green transport plans for companies, electrification of freight transport, collaboration projects and system analyzes, etc.

  • Unifaun

    Unifaun is a market leader within Transport Management (TM) on the Nordic market. With more than 20 years of experience we provide innovative TM systems of high quality that simplify and improve processes for the transport buyer as well as for the carrier. More than 800 000 shipments registered by over 100 000 companies flow through our TM systems on a daily basis, which makes us a central part of the Nordic logistics.

  • Vehco

    Vehco is a leading European supplier of systems for Transport Maganemnet (TMS) and fleet management (FMS), Mobile Work ForceManagent (MFM). The company is part of AddSecure. Our core business is to provide system solutions to streamline transportation of heavy and light commercial vehicles. Vehco values ​​its presence for its customers and is physically represented in most of its target markets to provide personal support in each country. The company has offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland and France. We strive to always offer closeness and contact with customers in the local language.

  • Volvo Cars

    We have created world-changing innovations since the first Volvo rolled off the production line in 1927. The modern seatbelt. The side impact protection system. The pedestrian detection system. Today, Volvo Cars is one of the most well-known and respected premium car brands, preparing for a new future that will be all-electric, autonomous and connected. Our company is a truly global organisation: our roots are decidedly Scandinavian, but we have manufacturing, research and design operations in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

  • Volvo Group

    The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, with its headquarters in Gothenburg, employs about 100,000 people, has production facilities in 19 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets.



  • IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

    The IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute conducts applied research and assignments to promote ecological, economical and social sustainable growth in the business community and the rest of society.  With Sweden’s broadest environmental expertise and nearly 300 employees, IVL is a leading institute for applied environmental research and consultancy operations. IVL is an independent organization owned by a foundation that was jointly established by the Swedish state and national business interests. All profits are invested in further environmental research. IVL was founded in 1966 and since then has worked on developing new solutions for environmental problems at both the national and international levels.


  • Jönköping University

    Jönköping University is a university that conducts education, research and commissioned activities through four polytechnics: the School of Health Sciences (HHJ), the School of Learning and Communication (HLK), Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) and the Technical University (JTH). JIBS and JTH are active with a focus on e.g. supply chains for producer companies, information systems for transport food, multimodality, logistics in crisis situations, and transport economics.

  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    KTH is a modern technical university with world-class education and research. At KTH you can become a civil engineer, architect or university engineer and you will find our campus in the middle of Stockholm.

  • Linköping University

    Linköping University (LiU) is one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions and among those that offer the largest number of professional degree programmes, in fields such as medicine, education, business, economics and engineering. Research is conducted within a variety of disciplines, with strong internationally recognised research environments, e.g. materials science, information technology and disability studies.

  • Luleå University of Technology

    Luleå University of Technology is a leading university of technology which works together with the world around us to build an attractive, sustainable society. Through our research and education, which are characterised by creativity, innovation, initiative and responsibility, we shape the world we live in – with future generations in mind.

  • Lunds Tekniska Universitet

    LTH is a part of Lund University. LTH have the overall responsibility for education and research in engineering, architecture and industrial design at the university. Within several of our research areas, LTH is world leaders, such as nanotechnology, combustion physics and medical technology.

    LTH has almost 10,000 students and about 1,600 employees from all over the world and the courses are given at LTH's Campus in Lund and at Campus Helsingborg.

  • RISE

    A strong, unified research institute for Sweden. In international collaboration, with academia, business and the public sector, we contribute to a competitive business community and a sustainable society.

  • University of Borås

    The University of Borås has approximately 12 400 students and just over 700 employees. In collaboration with the public and private sectors, the University conduct education and research of high international quality with great societal relevance. The national and internationally known Swedish School of Textiles and Swedish School of Library and Information Science are a part of the University of Borås.

  • University of Gothenburg

    World-class research, 1,600 courses and 170 educational programs make the University of Gothenburg one of the most popular universities in Sweden. The university's task is to create and disseminate new knowledge. By being open to the outside world and constantly participating in the public debate, the university contributes to the development of society.

  • VTI

    The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), is an independent and internationally prominent research institute in the transport sector. Their principal task is to conduct research and development related to infrastructure, traffic and transport. VTI are dedicated to the continuous development of knowledge pertaining to the transport sector, and in this way contribute actively to the attainment of the goals of Swedish transport policy.

  • Örebro Uni

    Örebro University

    Örebro University is one of the fastest growing universities in Sweden, with 17,000 students and 1,200 staff.  The university offers approximately 700 courses, 60 undergraduate programmes and 20 postgraduate programmes. For international students Örebro University offers a number of Master programmes that are taught in English.