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Energy supply & logistics

The challenge of finding alternatives to petroleum products for the freight transportation sector differs in many respects from the same challenge for passenger cars and the public transport sector. Solutions that meet the requirements for lighter passenger cars or the relatively static public transport systems do not always meet the needs of the freight transportation sector, which often relies on heavier vehicles. Moreover, freight transportation is more international and a larger proportion of the flows use less static systems. 

Therefore, increased energy efficiency together with a sustainable energy supply in the freight transportation sector face numerous specific challenges that must be addressed. These areas still require deeper collaboration between Swedish government agencies, other players in society, and major automotive, energy and transportation companies that also operate in an international market.  

CLOSER has been engaged by the partners to drive an initiative coordinating this collaboration. Initially, a plan will be prepared to guide work over the forthcoming years and, thereafter will enable the initiation and development of knowledge exchange, feasibility studies and projects in this area. 

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  • Nicklas Blidberg
    Project Manager
    Energy supply & Logistics, Railway, Shift2Rail